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Learning To Live With Spirits


Ever since I can remember, I had the worst time falling asleep. When I was very young, I would lay awake in bed, filled with terror, convinced that a robber was waiting to break into my bedroom. As I grew older, my imagination turned the robber turned into an alien waiting to abduct me. The fear of being watched was so overwhelming at times, I would sleep with the lights on. Even when I drive, most times I cannot make a round trip without street lamps turning off above me, (the number of times this has happened is just way beyond coincidence). These things, however ridiculous, have completely smeared my ability to live a normal life. Every night to this day I know someone is watching me.

Learning To Live With Spirits

Recently I moved into an older condominium, where this eerie feeling felt so strong, I began to notice a shadow man standing at the foot of my bed, sometimes at the side, or in the door frame every night. He frightened me, and after three weeks of restless sleep filled with frightful dreams, I decided I needed to help him move on. (this was a big step for me because I've always been controlled by my fear.) I preformed a standard cleansing ritual, and just as the words, "you need to go" left my lips, my front door opened and slammed shut, this I could only assume, meant things had finally come to an end.

Unfortunately for me, things are just as unsettling. I find that I still have to sleep with the TV on all night so I don't see shadow silhouettes in the dark. I have to keep a small fan on so that I don't listen for whispers. My friends are supportive but I know they only act this way to be polite.

Sometimes the things that I see feel evil; giant snarling faces popping out of the ceiling, thin, crooked figures melting into the wall... I am surrounded by so many different spirits and energies, I don't know how to decipher it all. I am literally on a sensory overload. Sometimes I take pictures to try and catch anything as proof that I am not insane but all I usually get are small orbs, ectoplasm, or blurred outlines.

At times I can't help but cry because of all of this. I am very willing to learn how to control my fear of what I see but I have no idea where to begin... Please help!

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gemma1994 (3 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-09)
im 15 and have had similar experiences and you have to trust me on this all you need to do it pretend their not their and it anything does happen ignore it and act as though you are not the slightest bit terrified. The reason why their around you is because they are getting a reaction from you and the reson why they want that reaction is because it produces energy which they sustain them selves on I know this sounds a crazy but believe me it works for example laugh when something scary happens but best of all ignore it. Its hard I still have trouble. Oh and tell me how it goes because sometimes things like doors banging get worse because their trying even harder to get that reaction but eventually if you persist and stay strong they will give up. I really hope it works for you I know how you feel 😊
atx (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-26)
"Be strong and of good courage;

Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,

for the Lord your God is with you

Wherever you go..." Josh 1:9 Pray to the biggest bad [at] ss the Lord has to offer, The Arch Angel Michael. He is Glorious and will protect you whenever and where you need him. I'm a newbie but I've found that these along with keeping a bible near the bed can keep you safe. Good luck!
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-07)
Hello, Lauren, I have been re-reading your story again and found that I should add more with regard to "The Psychic Family",
that means to me, the souls of relatives.
I had entered the following into my log on May 27th 1989:
One of my sisters has a psyche/soul which forever imitates my Soul, pretending that it is ERIKA. It is one of the ugliest souls I have ever encountered. It is NEVER near me without being on an immense Power- trip! I have discussed their souls with my sisters who are totally helpless with regard to this situation. They are NOT in control of their souls! I suggested that they call them back to themselves, insisting that they want them with them, but it seems that these psyches are not interested in staying with their own persons.
They are meeting many more like-minded souls around me than around them and trying to possess me is much more important to them than to get a hold of THEIR persons minds. While they are with me though, their own persons are molested by souls who want entry into their psychic surround and often succeed. The sister's soul who wanted to possess me most nearly managed to push me down a flight of stairs by assembling a huge amount of energy around me and then all of these souls, led my sister's soul, pushed this energy forcefully into my body, having me lose my balance. Thank God for a railing which I managed to hold onto quickly.
My sister's soul also moved energy in front of my eyes so that I found it almost impossible to read! In its megalomania it almost destroyed its own person!
It was well known in the psychic world that it and a number of souls of family and friends which it assembled around itself, were molesting me, and for that reason quite a number of souls moved to my sister to possess her, body and mind! The psychic world ALWAYS knows when a soul leaves its body!
I am told that the soul of another sister also tried to possess the bodies of this sister's children and her husband, and at first their souls didn't mind the possession since their persons were all more or less at different stages of psychic development. They preferred a psyche of the family to move into their psychic surround,
taking over the body and mind for a while to the soul of a stranger moving in.
My sister's soul though became so possessive that the souls of my nieces and nephews didn't have much of a chance to be close to them. This soul was then moved out forcefully, since my nieces and nephews had many psychic friends and they all at one point gave them good psychic protection, and all was well!
When one has become a psychic, it is ALWAYS most important to find out which psyches are with one, and FAMILY is not always good!
We can easily be deceived by the thought that "MOTHER" for instance, MUST be good, and many a pscyhic has learnt differently and had to SHOVE "mother" out! After all, it is just another soul and wants to possess a body which doesn't belong to it!

May God bless all of you!
pinkbabe63 (guest)
14 years ago (2008-06-04)
i just read the comments, I think they're really interesting and good advice:)
pinkbabe63 (guest)
14 years ago (2008-06-04)
this is a bit like me, I see and hear shadows and get scared, I often keep a fan on and turm my light off after my tv, hugging a teddy and it takes me about an hour or two to get to sleep. If you want to know what other things happen to me then read some of my stories. I'm sorry I couldn't help but a lot of other people can on here...
MysticMaria (4 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-31)
i agree with bunnies4eva, I too burn incense sticks whenever I wish but I make it a point to burn 1 or 2 sticks before I sleep in the night. The best is Chinese Incense + I light tealights, 1 in the toilet, 1 near the bed and 1 near the main door, of course with proper holders and away from fabrics or papers to keep it safe because I too had seen different entities before when I was just new in my flat some 6 years ago. You can do that or whatever you are comfortable with, say, you hold the Holy Bible until you fall asleep.
bunnies4eva (4 stories) (87 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-25)
Hi there lauren, for a start, light insence sticks before you go to bed and leave them on all night, then in the morning light another and wave it all around you home. Don't ignore the wispers, listen to them, they may tell you what they want. I hear wispers all the time, and after a while you just get used to it. Don't get scard, the evil spirits feed off that, and don't get angry. Switch your self off from all of that and consentrait on helping them to move on. Do a ritual with candals, insence sticks and crystals. Also, put amethyst and other crystals that are meant to suck up negative energy all around your home. If all of this doesn't help, I would recogmend getting profesional help in to sort it out. Good luck with this, and tell me how it goes! Hope you can sort it out! 😊
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-23)
Hello, Lauren, my name is Erika. I am also known as Constancy and you can find my profile under: Profile for Constancy!
I understand that you are having problems understanding what is happening to you and would suggest that you read first of all
"Profile for Constancy", and if you have time, read "The Agony of Psychism" which you can find under
using the search engine, or you can find it right here on the internal google search engine. This manuscript is explaining in simple English what the PSYCHE is all about, and I am sure you can learn more about yourself when you study it. I can tell that you have studied "the literature" but you are lacking
BASICS", and BASICS you can only understand if you study the PSYCHE! The manuscript is free of charge. You may download it or just study it, its yours, no strings attached!

I have been checking what seems to be plaguing psychics most, and am looking at encounters with "spirits/ghosts", and that can be frightening experiences, if one is only seeing these in terms of GHOSTS!
If psychics understand that these ghosts are the SOULS of people (each person has a soul, also called psyche) then the whole matter becomes clearer. These souls/psyches we psychics experience are often the souls of relatives, dead or alive, who come to us in many disguises but mainly so, because WE don't want to see them in proper perspective. They
accommodate us by using disguises we accept, as you accept the "ghosts" which visit you. Once you know that you are visited by souls of friends, relatives, neighbours, good and bad, things will fall into place and you will be able to handle these visitations better.
PSYCHIC FAMILY, the souls of family members,
can be benevolent but also EVIL as many of us have found out.
I shall add part of the introduction to the chapter "Mother", The Decline of a Soul!
Family Molestation
( for better understanding about what so many of us experience when we are dealing with the psychic world: Those we trust most, often betray us!
When I became a psychic in 1982 my Soul, which had KNOWN the about time of my being open to the psychic world had been in touch with quite a number of my European Family Souls, so that at the time of my "opening" I would be surrounded by these souls, plus souls of my Canadian family.
My mother's soul was featured quite a bit by my own Soul, since the role as such, "mother," is one of the most powerful ones.
My mother died in 1982 and had never met her soul. She was not a psychic, and her soul was so pleased to be of help since now it could be with a family member who could perceive it. It is not a large soul, but it is intelligent and learnt quickly! The rest of the family souls were satisfied that "mother" lead them all! There are other souls of the European group which could easily have lead it but it was understood that "mother" would be most suited and the visitations began.
At first the family souls steadily stayed with me and it seemed that no other souls were able to penetrate this group. I had already met David and it had been announced that his soul would be my steady companion, and my European family souls accepted this. I was being taught by our group, mainly be David's soul at first (it had become a close psychic friend of my soul's, and also my chidren's souls), and the European family souls protected.
These souls were also steadily learning. They had been existing in small groups, being with their individual persons, learning through their lives (none of them being psychics), only on and off meeting as the WHOLE family Soul. But because of my having become a psychic they grouped around me, protecting me from Evil, all the while learning about psychism. Their persons didn't need them.

Because of their innocence, especially "mother"s, the group sometimes found itself in wrong company (the DEMONIC moved in at one point) and had to be rescued by our group since these FIVE felt responsible for them all. It seems that most family souls had set out to meet our group and myself with very best intentions, but EVIL beckoned already strongly even in these early years and these souls were side-tracked a number of times. At one point they insisted that they would have to group with others (our group is STRICT) but weren't educated enough to differentiate between Good and Evil. My mother's soul especially wanted to take matters into its own hands and didn't have the "over-view" an older soul has and harmed all of us a number of times. EVIL would infiltrate and this soul was too ignorant to recognize that! Our soul-group kept on teaching steadily and very gradually ALL European family souls with me learnt more about the Demonic and its ways.
Our soul-group's thinking is that if IT trains a group of souls to protect ITS persons, IT must teach these souls about "psychic molestation", and "mother" learnt quickly.
Besides being given many a lesson on "how the DEMONIC" functions, my European family souls were taught much about their own soul beingness, also much was taught about the soul's AFTERLIFE, as for instance my brother's soul was taught.
My brother had died in a terrible car accident. Not much of his face was left and his soul arrived on the psychic plane believing that it was my brother, having "no face"! It was put into a long, sleep-like state and when it "awoke" it found itself in a "psychic" hospital which was created for its benefit. Its first thoughts after the accident were, as stated: "I have no face!" The soul sent that it could not stand the thought of having to walk about without having a face! Its psychic hospital stay lasted about twenty of our years but the prevailing thought upon awakening was the above. My brother's soul then touched its psychic face and realized that it was there! IT exclaimed, to me, that the "nurses" (psyches who took on the shape of nurses) were so happy with it. IT WAS NOW WHOLE AGAIN!
I was told by our soul-group that there are always well-developed souls who help younger souls to adjust after their persons have died. In my brother's soul's case it was even helped further: A big psychic mansion was erected and it could experience being rich! My brother never had any earthly things to speak of and the soul, still believing that it was HE, enjoyed this experience. IT didn't need it for too long. IT moved away, started thinking about ITS past life, realized that my brother's conduct hadn't always been as good as IT had wished for it to be, especially with regard to my father, and my Soul, directing all family souls well to aid these two souls so that there could be a re-union between them, was successful in pointing out where Karma had occurred. Both souls forgave each other and my brother's soul could now begin to think about another incarnation. IT moved into a "hut", organized for IT since IT didn't need ITS mansion any longer, and contemplated ITS next life! All wounds with regard to the incarnation as my brother had been healed by beautiful souls!

Many "ghosts/spirits" which are SOULS/PSYCHES, are restless spirits, trying to contact psychics, to either just be with them, or to be given help to understand themselves. No-one seems to have taught them much, there seem to be no SPIRITGUIDES to aid them, and they are at a stand-still with regard to further development. Usually they are small souls, not well-developed, who have no-one, OR, they don't want anyone from the psychic world to aid them; they are truly "lost" souls! All souls MUST want to continue and MUST follow guidance, or they will not be allowed to incarnate again! Thank God, my brother's soul had been given a lot of help, otherwise it might have wandered on and on, aimlessly, bemoaning ITS lost face!

The rest of my European family souls had become MAGALOMANIACLE and had to leave a long time ago, since in their GREED they were going to take over THINKING around me and mine, not being able to even coming close to RULE around me AND my children! They were TRIED but found WANTING!
I am advising the many, and I study your stories (!) to investigate well who is moving into your psychic surround (psychic surround means ALL that you can perceive pretty close to you, with your psychic senses), and act accordingly. You might have to be strict and STRONG to move some of these souls away from you, maybe even your MOM's soul. Your own souls should be in charge around you, NOT your mother's or father's souls!
Take care and may GOD bless you!
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-23)
I sleep with my television on as well. Continue what gives you comfort. I use a verse in the Bible that helps rid my fears as well, "As I walk through the Valley of Death, I fear no evil, for thou is with me". When things start to stir I take deep breaths and repeat this verse to myself. It calms me. Find comfort. Try new things to help. Like I tell everyone, fear feeds. Evil wants you to fear and they find ways to create this emotion in you. Fight it. I know this is easier said than done, but try. I find myself angry with things sometimes and it gives me strength. I don't like being threatened. Surround yourself with God's white light and seal it. This is a protective shield protecting you from evil. If you continue to have a difficult time, you should get a spiritualist to come into you home to clean it. I had something at my home as well recently. I don't feel it anymore for now anyway. I hope this is helpful to you.

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