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I Hear Voices Before I Sleep


Every night before I sleep I hear voices. I hear different ones every night. Some call my name, I hear snippets of words, songs I never heard before, singing, some conversations. I can't remember when this all started, but I guess from when I was young but I always brushed it off as nothing.

But over the last year I started to take it a bit more seriously because I get scared. I tried talking with one of the voices I heard, I was shocked to get an answer back to a question I asked in regards to what they were talking about.

I get scared and startled when I hear my name being called. I don't know how to deal with it. I got very frustrated last night because I was very angry and sad about something and I didn't need at that moment voices/spirits coming to me, so I got angry and said "f*$k off", in response to that I heard, "you're a nasty person...". I felt bad after that, I apologized and explained that I didn't know how to deal with this whole situation. I get pretty scared though. I lose sleep because I get startled when I hear them and I hate the dark because I feel something might be there.

Please, if anyone can give me information about what I'm experiencing or offer advice and tips on how to control it, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you. God Bless.

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wonderingwhy (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-12)
I don't know if anyone still uses this forum or not. I've never questioned this, but it's been happening since I was about seven. I haven't really been much of a happy person and I frequently become depressed because of this. I used to hear the voices more clearly and would have horrid nightmares every night. I would wake up at all hours of the night and would space during the day and completely forget what I was doing and have no recollection of the time from when I started spacing to when I became aware of my surroundings. As time went on, the nightmares became less frequent and now there are none at all, or I can't remember them at least. I just go to sleep and all I can remember is darkness and silence just like the spacing. The spacing has become more frequent and occurs even when speaking with someone or doing an activity, especially when driving and that's my job. I hear voices but can't make out what they're saying and I feel as though I'm always being watched like preditor and prey. I cannot be left alone or I feel like whatever is going on will "get me" in terms. My daughter is two years old and generally would love to sit with daddy or play, but recently, has been almost like she is intentionally avoiding me. I have never really had friends or a "life" because I feel different. The Army diagnosed me with PTSD although I don't think that's the problem. Tonight scared me though because I was dazing, almost asleep, and I heard my name clearly, like a whisper over and over again. I got curious and asked in my head, like thinking and I got a response physically sound. I heard it loud and clear say, "We are your misdeeds." It felt like I couldn't wake up and it, or they, were forcing me to stay in that dazed state. My daughter woke me up tearing up my cigarettes that I accidentally left on my bed with my keys and wallet and I heard laughing. The voices were all speaking at once and sounded malicious. I feel like I'm being watched, and other people around me get the same feelings, even though I've never said a word about this. I hear pops in my head when I'm dazing. Also, when I'm spacing, aparently I will still interact with others, but my wife is becoming concerned saying that at times my voice doesn't even sound like mine and my attitude will change entirely like I'm not even me. If that makes sense. I've never been a mean person, I'm not perfect, I have done things I regret, but nothing bad enough for my conscience to get overwhelmed about. Mabe someone could tell me what is going on. If anyone still uses this forum. I know I'm not crazy
uncertain (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-27)
[aviela] thank you so much! I think for now I'll be a little more careful and maybe not say anything back to them until I feel more confident that I'm not messing around with anything I shouldn't be ❤
aviela (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-27)
[at] uncertain - I think you did the right thing when you had a little conversation with the 'voices' explaining that it's a little hard for you to deal with their comments. I think you can keep asking them to go away they eventually will. I wouldn't ask them anymore questions though until you feel more certain as to what they are and have more of an understanding.

It sounds like there is more than one explanation to hearing "voices".
1. Some people are hearing real live conversations - between people in our everyday reality
I do believe that we have telepathic/clairaudient abilities.
We also have the ability to send information and have telepathic conversations with others - it can happen unintentionally as well. I've heard people talking about me, I've felt people psychically "listening" to me while I was talking, I've had people repeat things back to me that I was thinking. My ability is limited but I know of others who have it.
2. Then there is our own psychological makeup that can be manifesting as voices - especially if one is sensitive.
If someone talked to you in an angry voice during the day it may be coming through via your own subconscious mind while falling asleep or in a dream. We also may have higher/lower energies within ourselves that manifest for various reasons- sometimes higher guidance trying to come through and get our attention (Higher Self), sometimes to protect us as warning... And sometimes lower energies manifest (Shadow, fear, anger, self criticism).
3. I do think that there are also other/objective entities around... And they may or may not be something you want to engage with.
Or maybe they are even thought forms that are floating around and they might be coming from our own unconscious mind or from others... And they may or may not be something you want to engage with.

I have experienced all of these... And I have had some experiences that I still have not been resolved with any kind of explanation.

There is also Kundalini energy that seems to bring up a lot of unconscious material - good and bad...
And someone mentioned past life experiences as well.
uncertain (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-27)
I don't think anyone has any idea how happy I am to have discovered this site and that there are other people going through the same thing! When I was younger like round about five or six I used to hear things before I went to sleep. It was always a man with a loud but calming voice who used to call my name at night. It used to scare me really badly. I told my mum (my mum's side of the family all have psychic abilities including her) and she told me it was probably angels. I don't know if she told me this so I wouldn't be afraid or what... Either way one time this voice yelled at me. And I yelled back I don't want to hear you anymore! Please go away. I never heard anything again until the past couple of years. I never used to respond to them until a couple of weeks ago I got tired of listening so I said pardon? I can't understand you. And someone said back she hears us, don't say it again. But sometimes they're evil too like last night I heard some evil voice scream at me turn out the light. I've also heard the same voice say I am one hell of a spirit. But I never hear them when someone else is sleeping beside me. Whenever my friends are over I don't hear a thing. Should I stop trying to talk to them?
Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-16)
Hello mr.dreamingawake.Do you actually believe in spiritual matters that are not explainable by science? Science has its limit and it can't explain everything especially the spiritual matters. I have read your posts and you resemble to a guy who didn't believe in spiritual stuff. I would prefer if you try to be more considerate of others situation before saying anything to them. 😢
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-16)

Interesting theory, really it is but there is something I must point out... I can provide many links to scientific studies that disprove your 'claim'...

"You only use 10% of your brain, consciously. Your subconscious uses the rest."

Can you provide credible ones that support it?


Dreamingawake (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-16)
Those "voices" aren't spirits and here's why.

Your subconscious is composed of your psychological repression from past experiences that are either suppressed so deep that you have forgotten completely of that memory, or just anything your conscious mind missed during each of your days.

Dreams - This is where your subconscious is more in control than your conscious mind. As you become closer to the dream-state, the subconscious begins opening up and this explains you hearing your sister or mother, it might not necessarily make sense but you have heard them talk so much that your subconscious is now replaying it in your head and as dreams seem real, the "voices" seem real also because you are trying to fall asleep.

Solving the "songs you have never heard before" that you hear before going to sleep:
You have heard several hundreds of songs most likely all throughout your life. Your subconscious mind is just replaying (in your head) a mixture of many songs you have heard. Since you like to hear good songs, the power of your subconscious trys to create a song that will meet your self standards for music.

You only use 10% of your brain, consciously. Your subconscious uses the rest.
Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-06)
Drewber looks like you have a bad experience with spirits. Thats why you are thinking that all the spirits are bad. I read st anthony's experiences with demons. If he had a battle with demons this doesn't mean that all the spirits in this world are evil. I think the reason spirits attack you because you hate them so much and calling them evil and liers. Spirits are like us, they get angry too if you say bad things to them. There are evil spirits who mean harm to all humans, there are spirits who are neutral to humans they will only respond when you call, and the good spirits that will help you. If you hate them and tell them to leave, some will be angered and some will leave. If you want to hate spirits and keep on believing that all spirits are evil then guess I can't argue on this any further.
Drewber (guest)
11 years ago (2012-03-06)
They are pretty much all as bad as each other they just express it differently, according to the personal style of each one of them. Some of them want to form a close personal attachment to you, this kind of relationship is akin to an unhealthy dependant relationship where guilt is used as a control mechanism, they continually need something from you, or they get angry. It starts off being all about what they are bringing you (the honey moon period), but it will end up being all about the allegiance and attachment you show them, like the narcissistic pagan gods of old (essentially what they are).

If you turned up in my room at 11pm tonight, and I told you to "get out", and then you attacked me for that, you would get put up for assault. You see human society sees such behaviour as a reprehensible, but you think that these beings are entitled to act like spoilt brat babies, ranting and raving to get their own way, attacking people etc.

Read the life of St Anthony, and you will see from that how these beings behave. They are liars, they will tell you whatever just to get you to believe them, and they usually can't refrain from throwing in a pile of gobbledygook along with it all for good measure. Do you really know what their objective is? I'll tell you what it is, it's to convince you that people like me are wrong, or narrow minded or hateful, when actually I am telling you the truth, and it is they who lie.

Yes we are all afraid of the unknown, but sometimes fear is healthy. But actually I don't fear these beings at all, I fear only God, who is going to judge them and also me.

I am not speaking from inexperience. These things have attacked me before, and because I know what they are, they don't play nice. The problem for them is that they rarely (really never) find me in a state where they can get to me. No, I am on the offensive with them, because I know my place as a human in this world and as a child of the true God and they can't stand that. I urge you to find this for yourself; you will find peace with God, the true helper and lover of your soul.
Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-05)
Hey drewber. You are getting the wrong idea about spirits. In this world there are good and bad humans and like humans there are good and bad spirits. You can't say that spirits are evil and they are sent by devil and means harm to humans. The reason the author of this thread wants to get rid of the spirits because he has communicated with spirits and didn't know how to deal with them. Its natural for us to be afraid of unknown. For him it was the first time to talk to the spirits and when he did, he got scared. If you develope hatred against spirits, they will get angry and may attack you. If you are afraid of spirits then this doesn't mean that you should hate them and say aweful things to them.
Drewber (guest)
11 years ago (2012-03-05)
Further this often happens to people who are on the cusp of breaking free into the actual truth. Satan hates those people because they are spiritually valuable and he wants to destroy them, but you can break free people, you can. God is in control and he is the real power, you need to find that power, you need to find that mystical reality of the one true God, and the facts about trinity, there is a power which I promise you WIPES THE FLOOR with the crap you've been experiencing, and will leave you healthy and sane and at peace. God loves peace!

God bless you all in your search for this.
Drewber (guest)
11 years ago (2012-03-05)
I really hate to rain on the parade here. But these are unfortunate experiences, certainly in no way are such things to be sought after.

These things are wicked spirits trying to frighten and manipulate you. Why on earth would you feel bad for wanting to be rid of these intruders? Tell em to get lost, don't stop until they are gone, pray, read your bible, command them to go.

These spirits have been condemned by God and now you think think they have something to offer you? They don't, they hate you, they are making war on you and its time you took it back to them. Get serious! This is you life, don't give your lunch to these bullies.

And for goodness sakes, don't seek their counsel! The bible says that we should resist Satan, it does not say that we should roll up the red carpet for him or his evil minions. What a brilliant job Satan has done convincing people that he's a helper or a bringer of light...astounding.
froghearts100 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-01)
i know how you feel it has been happening too me to only it talks to me when I need it or wake up I get scared to I'm only 10 but it says that it is trying to help me so you should listen to it. It happened ever since I have been thinking about life and how depressing it is I have been experiencing anxity your not alone ❤ 😕 😐
eragonbrisingr (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-02)
After reading all the stories in here, I felt really relieved that I am not the only one experiencing this and I now know that I am not getting crazy:) :) :) I have been hearing voices 3 to 4 months now, and they are all calling my name loud and really clear. They don't say anything else but only my name... Calling me. The only thing is... The voices that I hear are either my sisters voice and my mothers voice and they are all alive and healthy. There are few nights I hear voices I don't know calling my name. Everytime that I am close to falling asleep, I will hear the voices calling my name loud and clear and then I will be awake again. It sometimes scare me but I got used to it already. I have lots of experiences even when I was a lot younger but its not just hearing voices. I can feel them too but rarely see them. I would know if a place or a house has someone living in it aside from the living people who lives in it. There are flashes but it is not clear. And I think I can also feel what they are feeling, like when they are angry or sad or scared... I just don't know if it is me or its them I am feeling. I have seen group of people wearing white shirts in an empty land and vanishes in one spot that they were circling, male ghosts waving and smiling at me and suddenly turned into a female ghost waving and smiling at me too. Hearing hiss sound and sometimes cats hiss in the middle of the night and even daytime, and when I told my mom about it she never hear anything and I am the only one hearing it. I have more stories other than hearing voices before I fall asleep and its too many to tell and some of them I already forgot, and my question is... Am I a psychic or I am just sensitive to these things? If I am, I want to develop it.
ChattyCathy (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-30)
I've had so many experiences in a crepuscular and conscious state I can't even start. Some of these energies are dark. If they are not "playing nice" be polite but stern and ask them to please leave you alone. My beliefs is as we are "falling" asleep we become relaxed and lucid and the gateways of our mind are open. Sometimes we just over hear the clutter of chatter and other times it is directed to us. I think sometimes they are just playing games with us...,messing with our heads. Other times a true guardian can find you and reach out specifically with intent. The reason I have come on this site is because my daughter is 16 and is experiencing similar situations. She says sometimes I am in it as well and she's scared. Not too sure how that works. She's the light of my life and we are very close so why I would appear in a dark manner is perplexing. The universe is vast, our minds complex, the capabilities we've unharnessed are truly amazing. I asked mine to leave me alone. Too often than not it wasn't enlightening or trustworthy. Good luck everyone! ❤
aliciaboo (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-24)
The very same thing keeps happening to me. I've had other experiences like this, but it hasn't happened in years. For the last week or so, it's been constant and it's right as I'm trying to go to sleep for the night. I don't understand it and I can't figure out why it's suddenly happening again. I'm glad I'm not the only one who experiences these kind of things. It gives me a little bit of comfort and reassurance.
ApostlePaul (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-25)
I understand exactly what all of you are having... I don't use drugs or whatever medications for mental health, my country is Brazil and I speak 3 languages and I work in security public in my country. I never believed on things like that even that in my family runs witches and warlocks... Yeah spirituals works from the virus called satan and his worms pigs,demons! On the last 2 years until now I'm hearing these trash cans speak and curse Jesus but I discover away to don't care about that, you don't need be afraid of them... These voices are to make you angry and sad because they are useless for God and Jesus Christ, they have fear about the day that is coming to them... Judgment day... I learned a lot with a man called Grantley morris and his website... He explain everything about the worms-pigs and the disease called satan, please go there and don't think so that these voices are friends because they can make you know something about future... Really they don't know anything, they only can guess and on this way they try control your life. This is a curse no because you are worst person or because of your sins, but we are special to God, they have jealous because God love us and attack us but they are losers and as losers they don't have any power, don't be afraid of these virus, don't speak with them, ignore these worms, they won't stop to talk with you because they are already humiliated and they don't have any shame... And they want to you became filthy like they are, so let them go... Be aware about your life, live good, have fun, study, build new things. Raise your family and love God the Father of Jesus Christ and start do good with your life, help people... Ha ha the worms hate this, when they start curse you be happy because they are mad and the way to let them more mad is be well. Yo can't worry so much okay be happy. My email is paul2free [at],you can email me and I'm in facebook as Apostle Paul (I'm the one that has a soldier avatar).
go on this site you will learn with this blessed man (god really gave to him a great gift,,it's free... You can copy everything from there and share with people that needs) sorry about my English okay, his site is
maxine524 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
I have been hearing a woman's voice as of Sunday at around 3AM. She tends to make noise to let me know she is there. She distinctfully said, "Hello". It happen again Monday and Tuesday morning. I am annoyed because I can not sleep. I don't want to make her angry because she is not a evil spirit. I have had many experiences with evil and good spirits all my life. This morning when I woke up to turn the back porch light off I noticed the dining chair was pulled out as if someone was sitting there. I know before I went to bed the chairs were tucked in the table. So I am now sure she is in the house. What should I do? Please advise.
darkone123 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-16)
All I can say is "Thank god I'm not just going insane!" LOL. But I should tell you that mine isn't paranormal. What I hear is people I know having conversations with people and its so clear and vivid its scary. This one time I had that happen to me again but with someone I didn't really know and I never knew his name. I heard him talking to his wife about personal stuff and she called him Bob but no one ever told me his name and he never told me his name. Sure enough next day he told me his name was Bob. I started to get a little scared. Recently this ability has developed and has become stronger. I started researching and tried meditating. Thus my abilities have increased. I can now read into my parents thoughts and dreams and feel their emotions. You should know I'm only 15 so don't be afraid because I'm pretty young to be going through this. But your story has helped me alot, and I hope mine has too.
lirah (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-28)
i can't believe this but I was just reminded of a shout that came from nowhere when I was alone the other night, worse is that it was a familiar voice from my past,don't know if this person is alive or not but reading these posts, shocked me to the core, I have always heard a bunch of whispering that I just couldn't make sense of as the whispers are just beyond audible and too hard to understand, 'But for one or two times that I remember',It puzzles me that I forgot this when it happened only the other night and it was 'LOUD',i heard this person shout my name as though they were in the room with me (it was the type of angered shout you would do if some one was ignoring you downstairs and you knew they could here you calling, frustrated yell more like and I answered "ok,ok,no need to shout" to which I heard a very faint "sorry", and where I live there is no one in sight plus I have dogs and they didn't react but one of them keeps looking at something I don't see nor do the other two dogs but she follows these things,'what ever they are' I even watch her pupils dilate as though she sees these things come closer and move away again, this dog is no coward but sometimes she looks realy frightened of what seems to be there. I am not in the least bit frightened of this as I have heard these whispers for so long and have had lots of other strange experiences, for my dogs sake I am now going to entertain this entity or whatever it is just to see what happens, this should be fun, think I'll start talking to the one I heard, I will update if anything happens, although I doubt it will as these things usuall happen when I am not paying attention, (which is a lot of the time,sadly),
They do seem to stay quiet when I play softly on my guitar. May be I'm nutts or we realy do create reality as we go along, oh well, time will tell as always,
I'll be back with an update soon, I hope, till then good luck to all of you and stay strong,
Lirah 😉
vampairy (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-20)
I started reading tarot card about 2 months ago. I started because I've always heard someone call my name since I was about nine. For about a month I've been hearing a lot of whispering right befor I fall asleep. It gives me goosebumps so I fall asleep with the TV on. For the past two weeks I can hear them when I'm alone meditating. No longer at night? What is this?
Kateblake4 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-02)
I have just started to hear these voices and its beginning to scare me. About 2 weeks ago I heard a male voice shouting my name at night while I was in bed and thought it was my dad. I got out of bed to find my dad sleeping. The night after I heard a womans voice speaking to herself in my bedroom. I thought it was my mum but when I looked around the room no one was there. Last night a heard someone speaking but blocked it instantly. The only time it truely scared me was when I heard the man shouting me. I'm so confused and don't know what's happening to me. I am female and 14 years old. I have not thought about trying to contact the voices, should i?

zerevega (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-17)
I know a lot of people already said they hear voices too, but I decided I wanted to say something anyway, even if it is just the same mumbojumbo.
I don't remember when I started hearing voices before going to bed, but I personally find them a comfort because when I hear them I can't hear anything else. Just as lolakate, I get fragments of conversations/arguments, a small section of a sentence, or someone singing/humming a tune I've never heard, but they have never been any I recognize and when I realize I hear them, they poof away; so trying to communicate would not be possible. I mean I know what they're saying when I hear them, I'm aware of it and just "flash" along with whatever comes my way but then I... Switch levels? I'm not sure how to explain but suddenly I jump up to a different "level" and all I hear is, well, reality. (?)
Yeah I know, doesn't really make sense but that's what I came up with when thinking of a description.
The best explanation I've got is that that is just the way my mind prepares to faze into a dream. -shrug-
But of course sometimes I get the feeling it's something else, not "spirits" though. I don't really believe too much in the whole ghosts/spirits speaking to you thing. Personally I believe if there are ghosts, they can only communicate with signs or just the feeling of their presence.
But that's just me.
Brandee_Bug (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-15)
When I was younger I use to just know when something was wrong with someone. Like Mule Day of 96. My Papa was out of town to visit his mother in her nursing home. That day I just felt really upset and was cring all day while all my cousins and everyone was watching the parade. I remember telling my mom something was wrong with Papa. She just shrugged it off and told me everything was fine and he would be back before the next morning. That night while we were eating dinner, some family members knocked on the door and told us he had an accident and he didn't make it. Later I did the same thing with my Granny. After that I remember closing myself in my closet and repeating to myself I didn't want to know this things, over and over. Since then I haven't felt anything like that, except here lately I have been hearing things and seeing things like visions at night before I fall asleep. They are not usually of anyone I know. One time I seen someone fall off a cliff and it was like they were asking me for help. Another time it was a car accident. The hearing stuff use to be every once and a while but now its gettting more frequent. I hear peoples voices talking like the other person discribed it's like two people having a conversion and I can only hear one side of it. Or they will call my name, or say, Hey. Or something like that. The other night I heard a gun shot like it had went off in my room. It startled me so bad I jumped up out of bed, I still had ringing in my ears, I asked my husband if he had heard anything and he said no. Something else that happens to me when I'm upset is I smell cherry pipe tobacco. When me and my husband had gotten into a argument and I was really hurt he smelled it. Its like someone blows a buff of it into your face and just like it was there its gone. I asked my mom about it after my husband had smelled it and and she said her father use to smoke cherry tobacco out of a pipe when he was alive. He died before I was one years old. And it always happeneds when I have very strong emotions either upset or happy and recently it just happens occasionally. I can't explain none of this stuff and I'm affraid that if I tell people about they are going to say I'm crazy, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. 😕
lolakate (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-09)
I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I've been hearing voices before I go to sleep for about 5 years now. When I hear them it's as if I'm catching fragments of other peoples conversations or thoughts- random words here and there in different voices. They almost never come to me in more than a couple words at a time, so it's completely nonsensical to me, but it's none-the-less quite the experience. At first I thought I was losing it, but after a while I just chalked it up to some pre-dream-state phenom. It wasn't until I moved into a predominantly hispanic neighborhood and all the voices were in Spanish (a language I do not speak in the slightest) that I had to say to myself, whoa- this is some kind of clairaudience. Thanks everyone for sharing!
lookingforanswers7 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-02)
A few months ago I was drifting off to sleep and I heard a mans voice very clearly say "I need your attention." I was so startled I jumped out of bed and ran to the hallway to see who in the world was in my house. There was no one there. In fact my husband was out of the state on business. My children were sound asleep and I couldn't figure out what was happening. I just sat in my living room in the dark trying to get my brain around what had happened. I can say, I was not dreaming. The voice was very real and very clear. So a few days ago it happened again. This time I was sleeping in a different room than my husband because our mattress has been hurting my back. I was just drifting off to sleep when again I very clearly heard a mans voice, but this time I thought it was my husband. The voice clearly said "I'm sorry." I sat right up and there was no one in the room and the door was shut. I would just like to understand what this is. Any similar experiences? I'd love to hear them.
ricepattydaddy (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-01)
a long time ago I heard a woman's voice whisper my name. I'm pretty sure it was before I went to bed. I really didn't pay much attention to it I just wondered why it happened. I also had a bunch of dreams about a woman. It was kind of strange to me why I was having all these dreams of the same woman. The dreams were so real. All the dreams happened within like at most two weeks and I probly had like 7 or 8 different dreams of this same woman. I can only say that I had no idea why I had the dreams. I had no clue where the places were or who she was. I soon forgot about the dreams. Later in life I started working at a place maby 2 or 3 years after I had the dreams and I fell in love with a girl that worked there. Ok this is where it gets crazy I had really never tryed to be her friend or anything I just loved her. I told her that I loved her and she became afraid of me because I still woulden't talk to her I was stupid to do that but that's what happened. To make a long story short one day I was at work and I remembered one or 2 of the old dreams this was like months later. She was the woman in my dreams so I had to tell her this I know I know (I am very dumb for this) so I tried to talk to her and she said no you done messed up I was like please talk to me. I was crying at this point and it made her cry. However we still didn't talk I got a told by other workers just leave her alone. I guess I kind of scared her and she went to the back of the place. I started asking the people why won't she talk to me I just kept getting more angry at this bad situation. Yes I got pissed because it was everytime I would say something it was just leave her alone. I told them I quit but before I left I really had to get this dream stuff off my back. I asked her if the door to her bedroom was on the left side of the room if your laying on the bed. How does he know that she said... Hes been to my house... Hes stalking me. After that I left.
jennyhu (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-13)
I have two views on this. One is in a day I was particularly working on my psychic development, I went to bed and could not sleep for hearing voices. I envisioned my opened mind zipping up from behind, clovering my ears and my third eye, and closing my third eye completely. Sure enough, the voices went away.

However, I also used to hear dogs barking every night. This was because I worked as a kennel tech. I think our subconscious minds in particular are apt to being oversaturated with stimluli and repeating sounds from the day or days ago while the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind are fused together. That would explain why this happened before bed. If it was ghosts, why would I not have heard it DURING psychic development? Why would I not have heard it any other time? So to me, I believe it is the sponge of our subcinscious overflowing into our consciousness just before sleep only.

Flexing a little will power through visualization seemed to work, no matter if it was targeted at a spiritual or phsyical noise.
RubberDuckiecoloredgreen (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-07)
also. In agreement with Tricksynapse I went to a doctor for help finally, and he said any talk of spirits or what have you is silly, and I'm bipolar to take pills. Which only did not help, but messed with my moods a lot. So I quite and have to say I am not bipolar, just I hear things.
RubberDuckiecoloredgreen (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-07)
i hear 3 voices most often. They all sound about the same but I can feel their are three. I hear them at home mostly in my room. But anywhere any time. They speak but it is all fast and sleared and I don't know what they say. I ask and they either ignore me or I don't understand what they say. I also hear my named called. Any where any time. I can feel the "voices" follow me. They can only not go into one of my brothers' rooms. They stand at the door and talk to me. There is a 4th inhuman voice that scars me. It chaces me, but stays in the house. So I leave the house when I hear this one. I have been hearing things that I know of since I was about 8. All my life I have had horrible digusting and disturbing grafic dreams. Some nights I hear the dishes being thrown out of the cubboards and the kitchen being demolishioned. But no one is awake. I hear it randomly if I'm up watching tv or reading. I also hear a manish but still inhuman scream in my ear that is so awful I always cry after. And it always happens a few days before or after the "kitchen demolishion" lately I also wake up to hear a really really really big dog panting laying in my bed next to me. I will sit up and stare at the spot where it happened but see nothing even though I still hear the panting. The list is a mile long, and I have come to find there is nothing I can do to make any of it stop. Not trying to be the rain cloud. But that's how it is for me. I suppose if you believe in god you can pray, but even when I was little and beleived, praying never helped. I hope you find something to help you I just try to think possative when it happens that nothing has hurt me. 😊

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