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I have had 3 encounters with UFOs so far. It all started after I trained as a psychic. I realised these creatures are really smart and know what they are on about. They do all their communication telepathically and psychics can only do this sometimes. I realised these guys are bloody smart.

Shortly after I had my first UFO encounter. I looked up and a giant white light flew by in the sky I didn't know what it is? Then it all happened. I Felt as if my body was being teleported into another dimension. I was terrified so I looked in the mirror and I was still here. This teleporting feeling lasted a few hours. I also felt as if this thing was poking at my thoughts to provoke me as if ti say "do as I say or else" I was terrified. I ended up going to bed as it was late

I later had an incident where I got this teleporting feeling again. But this time I felt as if a hand was reaching into my mouth and putting a giant implant into my mouth. As a psychic, I am good at feeling things. I feel things before they happen. This was using this sense to provoke me. I have also had dentistry recently.

My third encounter was when I saw a giant metal disc float by the sky and I followed it and it left my vision. Then a giant light beam came down and I couldn't move. I was in pain but there was no pain, I can't explain it. I tried to scream but no words came out. Then it was all over. I also have no memory from before or after this. It just happened and that was it. Before and after my memory is blank.

It was only after I realised they communicate telepathically I got into them and then they communicated with me.

Here are the videos below. This man also has good info on aliens check him out.



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