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Fairy Like Ufos


I want to report something very strange and at the same time very interesting. The exact date is 12.06.2010 at 2:00 Am in Bulgaria, Sofia.

First I would like to apologize for my English, because I am not from USA or other English speaking country but I will try my best to explain everything as detail as possible.

Ok I will start from there that I am a young guy who likes sports, don't drink, don't smoke nothing, only healthy life, I am saying this, because I was not hallucinating or something! I am very interested in UFOs since I was little, now I am 27 and I am obsessed with the subject. When I am at home after work I am watching all kind of documentaries about it, everything there is on Discovery, History channels and so on.

So one night when I finished watching a documentary about ufos, I said to myself - ok that's it, I am tired of only watching about it and about all those fake ufo clips on youtube so I decided to look for myself.

It was June very warm weather I looked outside from my window I am living in a 9 story building and I am on the highest floor, when I looked up I saw that the sky was absolutely clear, so many stars and I said to myself omg I got to go on the roof and start watching the sky every single night. Inside myself I knew I would see something, because up there high I can see the whole sky more clearly and without the distraction of the street lights. So when everybody was sleeping I got there I took even a blanket to lie down and look at the sky until the morning that was my plan.

It was Friday I stayed for like an hour and I saw a meteor fly by it was so beautiful and at that moment I thought to myself wow when this meteor can enter the planet Earth so easy everything can and I stayed like half an hour more and got back to my apartment. That was my first try, I was very happy thou that I saw something moving not only the stars but that was only the beginning. On the next evening was the actual sighting.

So the same story I get there around 1:00 am and laid down on the blanket and actually I was prepared to see another meteor I was convinced that there are ufos but didn't expect to see what I saw, it's crazy! So around 2:00 am I saw this time a bigger meteor to fly by and it was destroyed by the atmosphere into peaces very high in the sky, it was beautiful, so I got on my feet and start watching it and after 30 sec I saw the meteor the sighting began!

So I was staying on my feet and still watching up high because wanted to see more meteors maybe but what I saw I couldn't believe my eyes! So the meteor was burned out and 30 sec after I saw him I was still looking up and saw a light can't tell the exact color red or violet was falling from very high in the sky down to the roof in a spiral fashion it was unbelievable like a dance and I thought to myself wow a piece of the meteor is falling down yay I am a lucky one, I saw a meteor very high in the sky and its going to fall a 6 meters in front of me wow what are the chances but that's what I thought because I didn't expect something else! So this light was falling down in a spiral fashion from very high very slowly and when it was around 6 meters in front of me so close and the same height as me so in front my eyes I just step back one step because I was like wow it's going to fall on the roof but when it was on my height falling in a spiral fashion it just start to fly straight in front of me but not straight I mean left right up down it was like dancing and then I was like ooo my God that is not a meteor, it flies! I was very scared, what the hell is that I didn't have time because I look to my left guess what another light falling down this time like a "falling leaf" fashion left right, left right and when was in front of my eyes height it flew in the direction of the other ufo and it was absolutely silent no noise at all only flying and it look like it defies gravity up down left right so smooth it was like magical I was like watching those fantasy movies watching magical lights flying by me no sound no nothing I immediately call them fairies because they were so beautiful no sound at all, so after the second one I turned to my right a 3rd light falling and flying in the direction of the first one. And when I look at them how they are flying it looked to me that they were intelligent, because they were flying so like they were looking for something left right up down and like scanning the surface.

So I was there all alone on the block of flat at 2:30 am and those lights were like dancing and wanting to show me their presence I don't know but I was scared and started to fall back and when I was going back a 4th light flew over my shoulder and I was like omg I am out of here on the way back I was looking in every direction, because I didn't know from where they will appear I was scared I couldn't hear a thing only with my eyes I was like turning my head in every possible direction and when I got to the door to exit the roof a 5th one flew over my head omg I am out and I ran the stairs down to my flat, I was all shaken! This is absolutely unbelievable!

I stayed at my apartment like 15 minute and was looking up from the window and saying to myself omg some lights (or fairies like I call them immediately) are flying up there and I am staying here I have to go back not everybody is seeing this I have to be crazy not to go there this is unbelievable!

So my curiosity was bigger than I was scared and I got back there. When I arrived I was looking at every possible direction because I knew I couldn't hear them only seeing them. It was 3:00 am and I waited until 3:30 and I was trying to convince myself that I was hallucinating and to go back to my apartment, because actually I was scared and I said to myself ok last look up to the sky until my neck hurts and I am out and when I looked up immediately it just flew over my head about a 2 meters above it, it flew so smooth I can describe it like when you make an airplane from paper and throw it, it flies so smooth and make a smooth turn to my left and just disappeared I even saw it very clearly, because was above my head and I could see it in more detail it looked something like a rc mini airplane I can even describe it, it looked like 2 dots connected with a minus sign something like that *-* and had a haze around it, but there was no mist or something it was absolutely clear night, but when it flew it had some green glow around it, it was like going through the space and I was like "There it is ooo my God!" (I was talking with voice to myself all the time, because this was something that can't be explained) and I got out of there and that was my story.

P.S. I have to explain something, the 2nd time I went to the roof the thing that flew over my head looked to me as I said like a mini RC airplane, looked like a physical object, the first objects were like balls of energy, intelligent beings. I know you don't believe me 2 different things in the same night but I swear to God! It looked like that evening the sky opened and all sort of things entered the atmosphere it's crazy!

I hope someone has a similar experience and tell me what that is. Thank you in advance! Bye guys!

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-11)
I have never experienced something like this... But I have to say thanks for sharing, I loved your post it was very fascinating 😊
unnoticed-ankh (14 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-11)
It's very nice experience, isn't it? There are different *things* and *beings* in the skies these days.Observers, scouts. Well, you, who've seen them know best.

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