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I have thought I was psychic from around 8 years old.

I was watching TV with my mum and it was later than usual for me. I don't know why but something made me turn around and look towards the window of the back garden. I screamed in result of seeing a pure white figure against the window. My mum was confused as she didn't see it. I drew the curtains and ten minutes later, I looked again but the figure had disappearred.

After this I was questioning why I saw a white figure in my window. It looked like a very blurry skeleton. The figure was just skinny and white with dark around the eye area.

Not long after this I had a random one off dizzy spell and the next day, I heard a female child voice counting to 4. Then the voice was silent before letting out a giggle. My cat ran out of my bedroom and straight down the stairs after I had heard the girl's voice. I ran after and told my mum but she said I was being silly.

About a year after this, I was experiencing deja vu. I felt weird and then everything was as if it was in slow motion while everything occurred exactly how I saw it. I had a few deja vu experiences, mostly at school.

Another experience I have had was when I felt both asleep and awake. I was sure I was asleep but I sat up and saw the alarm clock as 5:13am. I laid back down. Not long after I felt someone, constantly tapping my left shoulder. I yelled, thinking it was my brother, Jack as he has a habit of waking about that time. "JACK GO AWAY ITS 5 IN THE MORNING". The tapping stopped for a few minutes. It started again. This time I sat up and said "I TOLD YOU STO-" And I realized no one was there or could possibly hide as I would have heard them going down the ladder of the bunk bed and I responded seconds after. Later that day, my brother, Jack had an epileptic fit. Was that a spirit telling me or warning me?

The next and final experiences have occurred in my new home. I kept getting reoccurring dreams of places years before they happened. I dreamed of a shopping centre but it was pure white, except for a shop that sold dream catchers. That one shop was painted a dark purple/blue colour. Another dream consisted of me, sitting on a wall in what seemed like an underground train station, but there was road and also rusty train tracks on top. I looked to my left and saw a post office and in the distance was a big clock tower, with a bridge nearby with smoke coming from it. I dreamed that there was a fire. These dreams actually made sense when I met my fiance. We had decided to meet in a town that I had never been to before. That town has a shopping centre the same layout as it did in my dream. Also when my fiance had to go home, it was very late evening, so I was unaware of which bus to catch back home as the 151 stopped running after a certain time. I phoned my dad asking if there is another way home. "Catch the 56" he told me. After looking around the town for half an hour, I had finally found where to wait for the 56 route bus. It was under a concrete shelter with the wall I had sat on in my dream and there was a railway station next to the bus stop (explaining the train tracks on the road) and a post office around the corner of that street! I don\'t know why I dreamed the future and I'm getting weird dreams recently which haven't had any impact yet.

The final experience was quite recently in my auntie's home. I was never close to my auntie but I had a feeling to say a few things. I told my auntie that someone who used to come here had brown wavy hair, wore tops with flowers on and had a golden locket. My auntie was shocked as I had just described her mother in law who died in the home. My auntie went to the mother in law's best friends house the next day and came back saying that she was telling her about what I had said about her mother in law the previous day and a picture frame fell and smashed while they were talking about it. As my auntie is telling me about the picture frame, the coffee jar falls over and knocks a cup on the floor. No one was near it? My auntie's sister in law was due to visit that day. She came in not long after mine and my auntie's conversation wearing the gold locket I had described. My auntie's sister in law asked if my Auntie would go to a spiritualist church with her to see if her mother in law came through. And she did, she told my auntie that the garden was messy and it needed cleaning and also told her don't worry about anything.

I was at work one day and I was frantically looking around. I told a colleague "Who is watching me? Someone is watching me" Moments later, a woman comes up to me saying "sorry if you thought I was watching you but I was assessing you". My work colleague then told me that he thinks I might be psychic. I think this is incredible, but every time I tell my family or friends most think that I'm crazy but I have had quite a lot of experience and I believe.

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Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
6 years ago (2015-12-13)
Hello Kimberly.

What seems to be happening to you is your beginning to be more aware of your senses spirituality.

Also about hearing voices or seeing people could be many things, from demons to lost souls.

The dreams you are having are pretty commen to have specially when beginning to be more aware of everything going on.

I'd like to talk to you about all this and help you out. 😊

You can email me at
Lunastar1016 [at] hope to hear from you. <3

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