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Dead Grandfather


Im 17 years old and I needed some help badly, my Grandfather passed away only 4 months ago and he was a father to me, I would always be with him and I would always speak to him, but ever since he passed away I can't stop crying to myself at night blaming myself for his death because I went home on the Sunday and he died on the Monday and I blame myself for not having that extra day with him.

It started with the nightmares well there nice dreams but not to me, the dream is a perfect memory I couldn't tell you everything he said, what he was wearing what he look liked, everything, in that dream (Which happened) we were in his office having a beer each talking about his past life whilse listening to Pink Floyd comfortably numb. Whilse he's talking about his life I see a tear in his eye and word for word he said "Jacques, I might be talking about my life but whilse I'm talking about all the fun times I had, I want you to think of your future and when your my age you could be in my shoes telling your grandchildren the same thing, Jacques do me a favour?, remember this moment, and embrace it". Now everytime I go to sleep that dream and those exact words are on loop over and over again.

After the nightmares I started seeing things, I was in the kitchen in the house by my self (the house my grandfather dies in) and I was making a drink when I saw a flash in my hallway (and it's pitch black in there) so instead of inspecting it I run out the kitchen into my bedroom and locked the door, I sat in my bedroom for over 2 hours waiting for nan, I told her nothing because my nan would say he wants you to remember him but I'm to scared to.

I'm at the stage now where 2 days ago I woke up screaming crying my nan comes running in screaming WHAT, WHAT, WHATS HAPPENED? And I'm just sitting there saying it's him it's Bampi, she holds for 10 minutes and makes me cups of teas and keeps me warm then tells me to sleep in her bed, me being tired I don't pay attention that I'm sleeping on the side of the bed my Grandfather had a heart attack on and died, I fall back to sleep and not even an hour in I wake up again to a weird sound I hear from his office at first I thought I'm just hearing things because I'm tired but then it gets louder and louder so I laid in bed to try and figure out what the noise was and then it hit me, the words "Is there anybody in there" was going around in my head, I then start shaking and crying walking towards his office because that is the lyrics to Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb as I go into his hallway his office door is open and it was locked and I had the keys, so again I run towards my nan crying and I sleep with her.

The next night my Nan goes to bed and I get the shiffers ever so often and then really big shiffers and I turn really cold but when I feel the shiffers I cry because I know it's him, and the shiffers won't stop. I keep looking around the room every 2 minutes to see if I can spot him again but I can't.

The following night I wake up from a sound again but this wasn't a song I recognized these words anywhere I look up, and it's him I can't speak and I'm trying so hard to, and all I hear is "remember this moment, and embrace it" and then he disappears and every time I go to sleep I hear those words he said in that office.

As I'm typing this now I'm still getting the shiffers and objects around the room does anybody know how to stop it? My Grandfather knows that I love him very very much but he doesn't understand how scared I'am of him.

I don't know what to do.

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InfiniteSpirits (guest)
8 years ago (2015-12-13)
I felt the same way when my aunt died she visited me in dreams and showed me my uncles new wife who he married this year and when I saw her I knew he would marry her but she visits and makes me happy
Literally the first thing she asked me when I started speaking to angels is are you gay? It was funny and we talked about it and she accepted me
So don't be afraid of him he just wants to talk but if you still need healing time he will understand and give you time
glitzychickadee (5 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-12)
Only you can command spirits to leave. Just raise your right arm to form a square and say, "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave." It has worked with me before. Good luck!

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