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Meeting My Dead Great Aunt


This all started a few months ago when my grandpa was diagnosed with blood cancer, (note my great aunt was dead a long tim before this) so I didn't get to see him as much and I got really upset and I started to see her in my dreams and in real life she'll sit and say hi to me and things. B She comes when I'm awake and asleep, she told me that I can talk to her if I needed to anytime. I'm not sure how this happened but it's been going on for a while now and I go to a Catholic school, and we have confession twice a year, I want to tell my priest about this, but I'm not sure how it would go, plus only one of my friends know and she has the same thing going on in her life. Not even my parents know, because I just don't want to be called a liar by them because it's true and at first I was a bit scared because I had no idea who she was and I seen pictures of her and that's the women I seen. No one in my family has ever talked about these I bet they don't have them. Have you ever had this happen to you? If so please tell me and tell me what to do if this happens, should I see a doctor someone to help. But my main concern is that it's making me lose focus because during school I'll see her and I don't pay attention what's going on and I can hear her talking even though I've never met her! She also told me about her life at my age, she said to live life as she would, and I can't really say if where she was even at all it looked like was a huge empty field and the sky was like a gray.


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