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Dreams With Someone Prior To Meeting


I have been able to have peculiar dreams since I've started with this art. I was asked to put them in my Dream Journal but never I was able to know their meaning. I do hope that some of you here could help me out because it is likely, and unavoidably an omen. But before I conclude to such, I need opinions. Please help? THanks

I dreamt this few months back. It is still quite fresh. I do have several dreams that I still recall, but maybe this will entice your curiosity.

I was conscious in this dream. My form was not human, nor any tangible form at all. It felt like I was a witness at something. I was there but I really am not. Floating, seeing what is happening. There was a person, a lady, tied on to a pole in the middle of a lake. The place was thick with muck and fog. Surrounding the lake, there were people, they seemed angry at some point. Then the lady, she looked at me like she knew I was there, and she said, "Seraphim."

I looked up just in time to see the sky split in two where a dragon rode by a person flew down towards the lake. The man, sitting on the dragon was impasse and I could not really see his features. But the dragon was majestic, it was pure white.

And I woke up after this.

Another dream, this is quite strange because my bestfriend, who I met just recently, also had this same dream that she was also there. My dream took place prior to meeting her. Here's this dream:

I was trapped inside a house. Anytime I go out, I'll be dead. Like I've been punished to stay in. I should not go out for it will be the death of me. But I was sick of being locked up and afraid of the "person" behind my imprisonment. So I went out at the back. Feeling the breeze run through my face, hearing the rustling of dry leaves, I felt free. But all of a sudden, I ran. Without reason, without thought, I ran. I ran to nowhere, around the yard, passing by an old and desecrated altar, an empty fountain with cracks and leaves on it. A friend of mine, whose name is "S", ran along side me. We picked up an old keyboard until we reached a small barn. I went inside, locking myself in again and there were people there. Cowering in fear of the "person" who put us there. I had several friends I knew inside. I know I left my friend outside knowing what's waiting for us if "she" found out we were outside. To save my skin, I left him out. But the people inside, one of my friends, "Z" went out to get "S". He was persistent at going out to get him and so I let him and still locked the door. I didn't know there was another door opposite the room. The person, "She" peaked at the door frame, with her ghastly expression, wide eyed, and wet long hair. As she peaked sideways, hiding her crooked and wicked smile, she stares at me. All the people inside, the ones at the corner and the ones standing beside me, all hid their faces. Then, without any thought, "SHE" took a person in blue shirt. I do not know that person. "She" closed the door, and I already know he's doomed. Later, the door creaked open. I saw her ironing something. Then I heard screams of agony.

In this dream, I have not known my best friend yet. But when we met, when she read my dream journal, she said she was there. Recalling this dream, I know there were people I do not know inside. She may be one of the people at the sides.

Any insights on these dreams? I still have several, but I'll let you on with these. Because, most of it involves my best friend. WEird? Yeah, but that's who we are.

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Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-07)
Yes they are two very different things. You can have multiple soul mates, but only one twin flame: The reflection of your soul. You are them and they are you.
Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
[at] Cdjdude

Light Bringer? You mean the Morning Star? The Fallen one?
Cdjdude (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-18)
When I imagine your story you are the lady tied to the pole. That lady has lived many times. Attached to this cold, wet, muddy, Earth while the White Dragon admirers you Seraphim. But the Dragon is what keeps you here. He doesn't want to lose you. The white one is also the light bringer. Prince of God's Fallen. The White Dragon is majestic to look apon but I fear his mind is terrible to behold.
Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-18)
We do share the same abilities... I mean, I remember the last time we ate at McDonald's, the place was really cold. We were talking about some thing and when we like took a break from talking, I "heard" her say it's cold in my head. It was so loud I really thought she said it out loud. I asked her what she said and that's when I realized she has not said anything for the past seconds. We're kind of bound to each other, in some way. She's a taker and I'm a giver. Both of us share something, and protect each other from "somethings" but yeah, Twin Flame might explain it... That's different from soul mate, right?
Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-13)
She may be your Twin Flame, that would explain the dreams that occurred before you met her. Here is one website that I found that might be helpful Now if you do decide to do some more research on Twin Flames remember that some of the websites aren't always true. So here is a brief description. A twin flame can be a friend, family member, total stranger, or even a romantic Partner. (I lot of sites say that your twin flame is your partner even though that isn't always true) Anyways, this person is a reflection of your soul. You both are one soul, one person, which can give you both abilities to share. Like telepathy, seeing each other memories, having dreams together, etc. If you have any other questions just let me know:D I would be glad to help:). I myself have experience with a twin flame

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