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About 5 years ago I was recovering from drug addiction and was using meditation to help. I was also having a large number of in depth conversations about other dimensions and realities with my mentor. I was starting to have quite a few lucid dreams (almost one a night) and meditating longer and longer periods up 30 minutes at a time. One night I was doing a flame meditation and had gone about 40 minutes meditating when I started to come back slowly. Shortly after I went to bed. Instead of lucid dreaming I became awake. More awake than waking hours and much different than a lucid dream. In a lucid dream there is manipulation, control, the psyche is still present. But this was different. I wouldn't call it flying but it sort of felt like that. As I floated out of my bedroom, which was in my parents basement of the time, and began "floating" up the stairs I saw a cloaked figure at the top. It didn't have any facial features or wings. It was just a blackish grey cloak. I didn't feel scared or threatened in any way but it raised an arm as if to stop my ascension and telepathically said "no". I turned around and went back to my body. After that I stopped meditating until recently. I have only talked to a few people in person about it because it sounds crazy. My mentor said that there are beings on other planes and they can be good bad and in between. He also said it could be someone I'm linked to in this reality warning me of spiritual danger. My wife thinks it may have been my dark side (drug addiction). I have wrestled with depression most of my life also, perhaps a manifestation? Just trying to find people with the same experience or more information. Any help or info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Tera (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-29)
Really quick, JamesM, you can't really go "too far too fast" in an out of body experience/astral projection. You are originally a spiritual form without a body, so leaving it for a moment isn't something you can 'rush into'. But yes, I do agree you need to be careful with these, for if you stray too far too often (and this is like an everyday you go into another life and begin to neglect the body on Earth too far) it can become extremely dangerous. Which leads me to your question, thehandsofrob.

When you begin to neglect your body here and continue on with things on other planets all the time, like drugs, it can get addicting. Now, just to clarify, when I refer to going out too far, as I said above, this does not include the occasional walk around the spiritual world and other planets. Obsessive Spirit Walks are roaming constantly, barely coming back to feed and take care of your body, and eventually, the body will die. You will know when this time comes, you will feel yourself slipping away. But I'm rambling too much. Just know not to neglect this life, and you'll be fine.
Sorry if I'm confusing you, hope I'm not too scattered. 😆
With you're dream, leading up to this, it sounds to me as if your spirit, you, were about to leave on one of the random 'field trips' the spirit takes while the body's sleeping. But this time instead of a light go off somewhere, if you left, you wouldn't be coming back. That's who the figure was. He was one of your guardians, protecting you and sending you back to your body. You still had/have things to do on this planet, and weren't ready to leave, and possibly unaware that you were leaving. Keep doing your meditations, this is no cause for alarm. Meditating will probably help in this case.
JamesM (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-29)
I suspect that you were going too far too fast, meaning you started astral travel before you were prepared properly. Though you did not intentionally set out to travel, it is a common by product of meditation.

Having a history of depression you know all too well that it has by products also including doubt. This doubt, coupled with insufficient information, brought on fear which caused you to withdraw.

Meditation is one of the best activities we can do for mental and physical health. I have meditated over forty years and there is something new all the time. Spiritually speaking, meditation allows us to touch the hidden layers of ourselves and perhaps heal those aspects also

Caution is required to work with the astral travel, remote viewing, past life exploration, kundalini and some of the related activities.

I do not believe you experienced a psycholoigical break nor do I believe you encountered a dark force even though they are out there. I remind people all the time that we have guides to help us. You encountered a Guide that kept you from possible harm.

Get back to work and good journey to you.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-29)
Who and what in the astral is as varied as what is here in the physical.

Cloaked figures are reported more frequently than you realize. I find from personal experience cloaked figures are specifically cloaked to go into concealment. If they were fully cloaked, we'd see nothing but generally, there is enough light to see they are there, that is, until they pull the cloak around themselves. One time when I projected at night into my backyard, I looked up and a figure was in my tree and quickly took his cloak and wrapped it around himself so that he would of course be invisible (like stepping into a shadow at night). You don't need to be a "demon" either to wear a cloak.

If you were in the higher astral it is flooded with light and there are no cloaked figures because those in the higher astral are positive. Those entities and beings in the lower astral are not generally positive and benefit from concealment. "Good" people also don't generally have concealment in mind and often present themselves with love and light.

It very well could have been your darker side but I think personally, it was just a lower vibrating being. They are all around this dark, negative earth plane. In fact, it's more common to see them as to not see them. The trick for you in the future is to continue working on your spiritual evolution and ascend to the higher astral planes which are dumbfoundingly gorgeous.

You can read more about AP on my sister site

Thanks for sharing.

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