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I've Been Dreaming A Lot


So it's no secret that I've loved to dream since I was a kid. And sometimes my dreams are precognitions (I think) and I have been doing some research to figure out how to dream more. Well, I came across a post on here that said something about binaural music, so I checked it out. Along with meditating, this technique has helped me to dream every night. The dreams are meaningless, things that would never happen but I am dreaming more nonetheless. Besides meditating and listening to this relaxing music is there anything else I can do to develop my abilities?

Just so you know what I mean by "develop" my abilities, I had a couple of dreams earlier this year. The first was someone asking me if I wanted to be with the father of my kids - I said "no" and since he has moved into someone else's home and is wrecking havoc over there. I also had a dream that I was at a funeral, and my best friends grandma got in a bad car accident and later passed away and then on top of that, I had a dream that someone told me that my mom was going to be okay and that I was going to win the lottery. Well, my mom is okay but I haven't won the lottery although about a month after that dream I had a dream that I did win the lotto and still have the numbers I believe I saw in my dream. And a really long time ago I had this sensation that I was going to find money so I was looking at the ground all day. I came home with this overwhelming feeling of disappointment and got a call from mom - she found 20 on the floor at her job that day!

I know I do have some psychic abilities but I really want to open my third eye more. Please help me.

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bls (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
check out Dream Moods dot come that is. I had to order the book for home use. Dreams are very powerful and meaningful, but it easy to confuse the meaning

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