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This year started off with a lot of dreams. One being the biggest, I won't add all the details because I have already shared in another post but long story short in my dream I got these labor pains so bad that I thought I was actually having a baby and had tears in my eyes when I woke up. After that I had a dream that I won the lottery (which I don't play), and a dream of a funeral.

Since the beginning of the year I have been noticing ALOT of blessings (more than usual). Shortly after the dream of the funeral we found out that my mom had stage four breast cancer. I have four kids and am an entire state away from her. Since I cannot go to visit her I call her like 5 times a day to see how she's doing and pray for her consistently. So, just last month I couldn't afford my phone bill and had told my mom it was going to be off for two weeks but id call her when I could. Amazingly, it was never shut off (it is a pre-paid phone that is off by the 2nd every time I don't pay it on the first). My phone wasn't disconnected until the day I got paid! Now, I never thought I was really being of any help to my mother until I called her the day after I THOUGHT my phone would be off and she almost started crying because she was so happy it wasn't.

Then, a short while ago (after praying for everyone) I closed my eyes and saw this very bright white light and heard a loud like buzzing noise in my ears. When I woke I was gasping for air but since then my mom has been fine. She's been eating (without throwing up) and she's been able to be somewhat more active than she was when she first found out she had cancer. She has a PET scan coming up here and my guess is that she's already healed (THANK GOD).

As for the rest of the blessings that are coming my way - I am taken care of, and my kids are taken care of. I have this amazing amount of luck and worry no more about petty things that could have a very small impact on my life.

Maybe my mother having stage four breast cancer was a wakeup call to show me what's important and what's not because trust me when I say that I was very far off base! I Love God and thank him every day for every struggle and every smile, every kiss from my kids and all the hugs. I thank god for opening my eyes to show me what matters and what doesn't. AMEN!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-03)
It is strange how life is.
Coming through what your mom and you have both
Fought to come through is a gift.

Thanks for sharing

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