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Cursed With A Blessing


After getting out of the military and not being accustomed to the way the "real world" works, I got into an argument with my girlfriend at the time, Amanda, and ended up going to jail.

The house was haunted that we were living in was haunted, she saw things and I sensed them, and I never took action against these dark forces in our lives, but in turn provoked them, accidentally.

When In jail I kept to myself, I meditated often, they moved me to a different location my last month (of 9) and when in this location I met a man who read me like a book, I keep to myself on the outside world, and he was in jail for 2 years, recently moving to this location I was astounded.

He had told me I was on my 6th life without looking at my hand, and then told me of my green aura.

He told me when I get out of jail, to avoid dark colored vehicles at night time, especially while near a playground, If I find myself in this situation I WILL DIE. He then told me he is going to get in trouble soon, and be in jail for a long time. He took his hands and placed them on my head, breathing deeply, acting as if he placed a crown on my head. He told me to use what he gave me to help people.

Upon getting out of jail at 9 in the morning I was happy and free of course, I went to taco bell. (typical me) and then started my journey to rebuild my life from nothing but my clothes on my back a phone and about 200 dollars on my debit card from previous job. I had met another man in jail that was an alright guy, So I messaged him on facebook, and went to his place for the day.

When I arrived at his house, he gave me some more clothes and allowed me to wash my pair I had on, I went to the 7/11 with the guy to get us a couple of Gatorades and he stayed outside, the guy at the register immediately said, you shouldn't be hanging around those types of people, you are better than that man, I asked him why does he feel that way, and he said, just watch your back. (I've never seen this guy in my life!) we ended up going out with some of his friends to play Frisbee golf, when we got the course I smoked a cigarette with them (which I do only socially thanks to my non-addictive personality) shortly after smoking I got lightheaded and feeling really hungry, and slurring in my speech. This was different, but I assumed it was because it's been 9 months since I've had anything like that. We got in the car and left off, it was getting late already and I started to pick up weird vibes from everyone, they kept asking me, if I was ok, and if I needed to smoke another cigarette, I felt high. I began to look around. We were in a black car, it was night, and we were stopped near a playground. They were complaining about money, and rent, and how they are going to come up with the money for everything.

Everyone was looking at me, I started to notice the "3 dots" tattoo on their body, either below their eye, or on their hand. Then they said the needed cigarette money, there was clearly a ten dollar bill sitting in the middle compartment. They guy up front opened his door, and started to reach under his seat while the other 2 continued to stare at me. I felt as if I was in my last moments in life floating above the car I played out every outcome in my head, when I realized I could get myself out of it, if I didn't freak out, and told them, hey guys... I've got 180, I can go get from the ATM and tomorrow my mom is sending me 500 (lied) and I can give you guys all of that if I can stay a couple of days, my mom is rich, I then said can you guys take me to that 7/11 down the road, they did. But I knew I was still in trouble if I didn't come back with the money, I went inside and acted like I was buying something and told the guy who warned me previously that he was right, and I needed to get out quick, he showed me to the back door, where I started to run for my life, after a half mile of running there's a car that keeps going by me and screaming at me, I start Taking back and side roads, cop cars were everywhere, because of a shooting that had taken place right down the road from where they lived earlier that day. Road blocks were everywhere also.

I was extra sketched out for some reason. I was looking for WIFI so I could call for help to my buddy 15 miles away, I started to go into every fast food place I could think of and they were either closing or their WIFI was down, I was freaking out, I finally saw a Wendy's (the last place within 3 miles) and started to go into it, when I saw the guy from the car. He didn't see me but was pacing talking to the guy at the register. I couldn't be there, I left and started running down the interstate, I found a hat on the side of the road and put it on, I ran for about 2 miles, when I finally reached a Mc Donald's, they had WIFI, and open 24 hours on the inside. When I got inside I bought a drink and messaged my friend, he left immediately to pick me up, I then sensed he was outside, and started to walk that way, when the door was locked. I asked the guy if he could open it and he said he didn't have the key.

I started to get scared (small towns) because of that and he had the tattoo also. I tried the other door and it was locked to, the guy came around the counter, and I saw the manager in the back, I quickly shouted to her telling her I needed to leave there's an emergency, when she came out the guy stopped in his tracks, and acted as if he was doing something where the condiments were at. The manager unlocked the door and started to scold the guy for locking the doors in the first place, when I got outside my friend was pulling up, he said good timing, I said yea I know. And we left that wretched town never to return.

For a week I didn't eat any food I lost 20 lbs, and was constantly sweating and cotton mouthed, I couldn't sleep all I could think about was a taste in my mouth, upon research it turns out I was drugged with heroine. It all started to make sense.

My reason for telling this story is to mention my out of body experience, also the powers I was given by this man in jail to overcome this event, not only that, but now I can foresee life changing events, before they happen and freeze time to make a decision promptly.

Since escaping the town, I've got a job that pays 24. 50 an hour, I'm happy, healthy, and doing a lot better, I have a feeling if not for that event and If I wasn't warned, I would've honestly played into it, and became addicted to something, due to not being able to think for myself

My questions for the audience,

Do you feel as if I was given any abilities from this man in jail.

Do you think I was drugged, or just spiritually in tune with the events that I was able to avoid.

Any other hints or feelings about this story?

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bellewksi616 (6 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-29)
[at] anne.
Thank you for the thoughtful words, and I agree with you wholeheartedly if you read my other stories, you may can see why I thought he may have gave me some powers or that situation unlocked some kind of ability within me, maybe escaping death changed my fate, frantically, because I am on my 6th life, maybe that is how I died in the past life, and I overcame if, becoming more powerful from that, just some thoughts,
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-10-28)
I'm not sure I'd use the worse "cursed" since your clear thinking got you out of that potentially life threatening situation. We are all born with the innate ability to perceive sensitive things. Yours sounds like it got exposed naturally but also with some tips from your acquaintance from jail. This is also a good example to be wary of strangers. It's not just women who get attacked. I think it's great that you have this fresh start and you now have the ability to make choices that will better reflect this higher self you're starting to become aware of. I wish you the very best in this new life.

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