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Fiancé Believes I Am 100% Psychic


Thank you all for taking the time to read this, as you can tell by my other stories, (if you have read, if not please do) I have had a lot of unexplainable events happen to me, that have transformed my way of life and the way I think to a level far beyond most.

This particular story goes back 1 month ago, I personally do not watch football, nor do I personally care for it,

I was sitting with my Fiancé at a restaurant when a football game came on, she was interested in it, and I said without really thinking, the Bronco's are going to lose. She was quite upset, because it was her team, and I said jokingly " please don't be upset with me, I don't have the Ref's and teammates on speed-dial." They ended up losing that game, and she was amazed that I would know that, She pulled out the running's on her phone, and asked me who I thought they would play next, I said the 3 teams I thought they would play, yet again, I know barely anything about teams stats, or football, I'm a gamer and skateboarder. Well those 3 teams were the next that the broncos play, I did call the winner being broncos for the next, I'm having trouble predicting the exact score, but I usually guess about how much they will win by, and that has been right every time.

Well after having the Facebook messages to prove my worth before the game, and my Fiancé knowing of this unique gift I have, She asked me last night if she is pregnant, I said I needed time to meditate on it, due to not sleeping a lot because of starting a 12 hour shift from 11pm to 11am and I was not prepared at all, leaving me awake for a total of 34 hours.

So I thought about it, and something popped A big stomach in my head. Of course this would be perceived as yes, so that's what I told her. She was real happy, of course we are going to further test my abilities and get a pregnancy test, she then asked me If it was a boy or girl that she will be having, I said I needed more time of course, I got back to her in an hour with the answer it will be a girl. So on top of the fact this is some kind of documentation to see my abilities, this is also a story for you guys to look at and relate if possible.

Thank you for reading, please take time to read my other stories,

Gaylon Bellew

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bellewksi616 (6 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-04)
Thank you for the Video, I totally agree it is the greatest Illusion of all time

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