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Fully Restoring Ability To See Spirits


I used to see spirits all the time when I was younger. I never paid any mind to them they were just a part of my life and most of the time I didn't even realize they weren't living. The only time I usually was afraid was when I was in my room trying to sleep and I would sense someone staring at me. My favorite thing to do and places to be where in closets. Usually talking to someone especially at my grandparents house. They had a walk in closet and I would go and sit in the closet and talk and play, hiding in the long coats and dresses in there. Always playing with spirits and one day, I was playing and my friend disappeared so I was looking, moving the clothes trying to find her.

When I moved aside one section I saw something or someone I suppose. As I have found out now, it was a being named Ebony and he is still around from time to time. I has horrified, I went running out of the closet and never went back in. After that I never saw spirits the same, that was probably somewhere from age 6-8. Something got turned off, I still sense spirits and even see them still at times but not nearly as well or as often and even when I know one is standing right in front of me.

I used to be able to hear and see them no different than a living person. I must of turned something off and it never fully came back and I am wanting to fix it I am now 18. Ever since I realized it disappeared I have wanted to fix it but, I can't figure out how. I have read that meditation helps but, I have tried and tried it and it never seems to do anything. If anyone knows or has any ideas on how to fix my abilities I would love the help. I know it isn't gone it's just blocked.

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seeblue (2 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-25)
Hi aliceinwonder! You have a blockage due to your frightening experience, which is totally normal from what happened to you at an early age. Here are a couple links that may help:


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