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I Predicted Something Really Bad And It Happened


I've always had weird things happened to me or around me, that may account to my family background i've heard that the women on my fathers side are very spiritual and spiritually aware of things. I was told that my great grandmother could make people do things that she wanted etc and I think that my mom is an empath because she can tell if someone has evil intentions and I can do that too, i'll get a bad, gut wrenching feeling when i'm around someone who has evil intentions. For a while I would hear my name being called when no one was around and it would be maybe 7 or 8 voices calling my name and I would have dreams about people who I don't know and they wouldn't be calling me my name they would be saying something else, one time I was at home and I lost my remote for my tv and so I just randomly said "I wish I had my remote" and I turn around and my remote is behind me when it wasn't there before. That's just a little background about me. For months I would hear a voice in my head saying that one of my brothers would be shot, I would dismiss it because I didn't want to think about anything like that but then the voice stopped and then 3 months ago it started and it was stronger and clearer and it would just repeat " (blank) is going to get shot" " (blank) is going to die" and things like that and I thought that I was going crazy but then two months ago my brother (blank) got shot and killed, so what I was hearing came true but that's what scares me I have so many questions and no answers. What was that voice I was hearing? Why was it a womans voice? Why was it the voice of a person I don't know? Why has stuff like that happened to me?

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