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I Predicted Someone's Death


As a title you can say it's not a good story.

I don't know if people can have multiple powers hell I'm not even sure people could have powers. I don't know. This is the story of how I predicted some stuff it's a true story wasn't very fun to see someone dying in your head and not know if it was just a thought or if it was a dream you had. My whole life I've been able to get glimpse of things I could be doing random things like drawing for just doing homework and then a picture pops in my head of the weirdest things it could be someone bowling or could be someone with their family. Random things. My whole life I can get feelings things where I know I'm right but I don't want to be right I predicted being lied to predicted someone being liked to predicted break ups relationships hell the world ending and Its not a pretty sight. Well one day I was in the car with my mom in a drive through. I was looking out the window a feeling of sadness washed over me, then an image it was me walking into a bathroom, of a school, a school bathroom I've never seen then shooting myself in the head. Dying. I thought it was a thought, I've been suicidal in the past maybe it was coming back. But 15 minuets later my mom was hearing the new on the aux cord and it stated that a Texas student went into the bathroom with a gun and shot himself. I immediately froze when I heard that I told my mom what happened. And it runs in the family my sister and predict minor things my mom can speak to the dead it's a thing. It's not the first time I predicted my friend dying. That's one story I rather not talk about, it brings up bad memories. That's not it I can feel people's emotions when someone's in pain I'm in pain when someone's sad I'm sad it's random things I can tell how they feel o could be walking in school then have a flush of anger or sadness come over me, it's a curse having empathy, I wish I didn't I could make myself feel pain like actual physical pain with my mind I can make myself sick with my mind, I can do that to others to, which I never really do. When my sister started getting depression I did to I was in 4th grade. It keeps happening. There's more I can do read more of my page, it's to much to write. Bottom line is I don't know what these things are, these powers,. And I can't control them.

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