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I Would Like Some Clarification


I've always come to this site whenever something has happened to me to now I'm not alone, I'm 18 years old and I want to say since I was 13 years old I've experienced visions I think and speaking with spirits. When I was 13 I remember playing a video game while home alone and I heard a young girl's voice call out to me I ignored it because I didn't know why or how that was happening and then I heard gigllging and all while this was happening I wasn't able to move, I would also hear very high pitched ringing for 15-20 secs maximum only in one ear out of nowhere but I never understood it at that age so I ignored it, I also used to have dreams and then it would happen but it mainly had to do with me and things that would happen to me, but I thought it was just deja vu at that age because once again I didn't understand.

Fast forward to 2017 November I'm 18 and I was looking for guidance from god so I remember praying and asking for spiritual guidances and the next day I start hearing whispers and murmurs in both ears, it kept me up at night I couldn't sleep, I kept this to myself because I didn't want to worry my mom, within two days time I still heard whispers and then I would hear the loud ringing followed by a very clear voice calling to me saying "hey "my name" "I'm here for you" in a male voice but I would ignore it because I completely forgot I prayed for anything and I was so scared and then I want to say a week after I had the same thing happen again and I heard "can you help" but this time the voice was my voice and I wasn't as scared so I spoke back and heard nothing after that.

I also still have situations that come months after I've dreamed about it and I've only recently I've been writing them down, the dreams still are still about me and what's going to happen later for

Me I guess?

But they're not dramatic just everyday things, I only had one dream that involved me and another person which happened, the dream was about me receiving a text from this person and then them coming to my house and talking to me, this exact situation happened and I don't be know if these are visions or deja vu, thanks for anyone who read this

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