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Deja Vu Or More?


Lately I've been getting Deja Vu almost daily. But it's different. I watch as it happens and I know EXACTLY what is about to happen. I mean what someone is going to say and what is about to happen around me. I just started a new job. I don't know these people but I can say what they are about to say just before or right with them. Another thing is I can recall exactly when I saw this happen before. Like when it's over I know that I saw this happens months, weeks, or days ago.

What is happening? It happened 3 times at work tonight and once on my drive home from work. I know everything down to the very minute detail. From what someone is wearing to when someone is about to walk up next to me.

Example: tonight this coworker (we will call him Ken) walked up next to me and as I looked up it hit. I said with him "hey link is down we are going to send the new guy over here want to train him?" He looked at me like I was crazy because I said it perfectly as he was saying it. I just looked at him and asked "are you wearing a Red Sox shirt under your hoodie" he nodded and showed me just as I remembered it. He asked how I did that and I told him that I saw all this happen last week. (The new guy started two days ago.) How did I know all this?

A few people I work with have started calling me the seer but that not what this is right? I'm not actually seeing things before they happen am I? And if it is aren't I a little too old for it to just be starting? I'm 24. If this was going to happen shouldn't it have started a long time ago? I'm so confused about what's happening to me. Anyone have any ideas?

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