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My Dreams With Deja - Vu


First of all, I am going to start right at the beginning:

I was laying on my friends trampoline outside at night while star gazing, we were talking about or families, people who passed away, etc. But one weird thing happened (that may have triggered all of this or just made me realize it) : my friend was talking about her granddad and I don't know whether it was real but I pictured an old man around eighty and described him to my friend -she said that I was spot on. When I 'pictured him' he was standing on the trampoline gazing at my friend and smiling.

Personally, I think that this is what started it all, I was only about 10-11 y/o maybe (I am no really sure on that). But one thing I am sure of is that as soon as this happened I started to get dreams - dreams of things or people that I have never met nor seen in my entire lif, but the one strange thing that I had found out is that astound a month/week afterward I had encountered this dream but in real life. Every time that I had encountered the dream in real life, I had a tense feeling of deja -vu wash over me: it made my feel slightly faint at first but started to get slightly stronger each time (but not to the literal fainting extent). One day when I was getting this, I was already laying down so I just kept doing what I was doing to make it stronger (to see what would happen) it kept getting stronger and I ended up getting a head ach that wouldn't go - even after ibuprofen. Usually the feeling disappears after around 1-2minutes maybe but this one lasted for 20-30 minutes.

I have researched the deja- vu feeling before and it came up about something to do with the brain, epilepsy, etc but I don't believe it because I had been dreaming the future before it happened.

Although this may not be related, I am still going to put this into the 'story': I can also feel the presence of people/spirits. Sometimes I feel like I am being watched or I can just feel where a spirit/ghost is in the room. Also sometimes when it is dark I can see people shapes or maybe very detailed faces. I have also felt very close to relatives that have died and I have never met (that is weird because no-one talks about them). By the way I do also talk to them but not often.

Another subject is that of my mother has told me about her doing a yes/ no board and a rose quartz necklace

And I think a wigi board (I do not know how to spell it) as well I have also thought about going to see a medium. But I thought I would write on this -just to find out if there are others with the same feeling/experiences as me. I am 13 and do not know about what is going on - I want to learn to control it or just understand it. Someone please reply or comment it would meant a lot,



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Angellitic91 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-19)
Me, again... Rose quartz is protective and draws love. You could go see a medium, and you'll know if they are true mediums. You are one yourself. Mediums can communicate with spirits. I don't have great luck because my psychic wall is sooo thick. I'm hard to read. There's a book you may like to read about a woman from England who has those abilities as well, it's called Witch Amongst Us, by Lois Bourne. It's a really good book. Don't think you need to be into Wicca to read it, or that she's trying to convert anyone. It's just really informative about growing up with and learning how to deal with these abilities.
Angellitic91 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-19)
Amy, I have signed up to become a new member just to comment on your story. I'm writing from my smartphone, so I'll do my best.

First, you are not the only one who has experiences like this. I do, and so does my son. You may need to find a crystal or stone that can help you stay grounded and protected from too much psychic energy. If your headache is centered on your forehead or the top of your head, you may be receiving too much energy. Stones like moonstone and labradorite can help stop that from happening. There's a very good website called "Healing crystals for you" that has a lot of very good information. Personally, I wear lots of stones that are protecting. I get less of those headaches, and feel calmer. A really nice, inexpensive Crystal that is grounding and protecting is smokey quartz.

I would avoid Ouija (wee-jee) boards. I was warned against them about the same age you were when you saw your first spirit. It does feel a bit weird to see them when it seems that others can't or don't even believe in ghosts. My son has been able to see ever since he could start telling me about them. I haven't been able to see them like that in some time, I sort of see them in my mind's eye. There are different types of this ability, and we seem to all see or hear in a few different ways. The website I mentioned earlier has information about that too.

Clairvoyance is psychic seeing. Clairaudience is psychic hearing. I often have instances of psychic knowing, where I just know things that I shouldn't be able to. I have a friend who somehow can see all about you, images of both good and bad events or things people have done. Somehow I don't physically see people, I see them through their aura-- even if someone is physically ugly, I don't see it, to me I see the goodness in their souls. It has confused a few of my non-psychic friends.

If you feel intruded on, like your being watched if ghosts/spirits are just popping up way too much, you can shield yourself by imagining putting on a cloak that goes to the floor and putting on the hood. Like an invisibility cloak against spirits that will keep you from being really pestered or followed. My friend imagines a giant glass dome around herself like on a cheese board. It works for her. I imagine a thick transparent egg that extends about a foot over my head and the same distance under my feet. It surrounds me at all times. It works for me. If you want to imagine a space suit with a helmet, that will work too. Whatever you can really imagine surrounding and protecting you.

I hope this was a little reassuring, and helpful. Don't think you need to go out and spend lots of money on charms and stuff to stay safe.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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