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Deja Vu And Precognition


I grew up in extreme situations. My child hood was stress and sarrow. From horrible abuse to foster homes to adoption. A lot of exigent situations in my life as an adopted child leaving me an orphan a second time. This led to an adult life that as you may know it, was packed with intense exigent circumstances. I say that, to say this. A lot of death, a lot of loss. As I got older I began experiencing a lot of deja vu. One instance I saw a deer run into the road, and my girl friend go through the wind shield. I was traveling 80 mph and slammed on my brakes with my arm across her forcing her against the passenger seat. As I came to a complete stop, a deer jumps the fence and stands in front of my car as if nothing was wrong. Literally walked to the other side of the road and jumped the fence. The animals behavior was not even remotely normal. I was stunned, she was stunned. I was confused and she knew I was not lying when I told her I saw the accident in my mind almost like a visio... My car never struck the animal. I did not see the deer in person until I stopped. As years have passed I have not had such a distinct detailed vision, but literally told two friends on two different occasions someone we were talking to was a murderer. Come to find out I was spot on correct. Both people had been in prison for murder. Two separate occasions, two separate individuals. I don't know if I have paranormal experiences but I feel I sense them and people with me have the expierences. Two women separate occasions, one not aware of the other were held down in my bed by what they both called an invisible force. I was not present either time. This occurred a year apart of each other. My neighbor below me said the same thing happened to her in detail when I asked her of any strange events. I did not tell her about the two stories when I asked. I had a brother murdered I was in such a deep depression for two days until I got the call of his death. The depression lifted it began the day he was beaten to death on life support. I did not know him well we were separated as kids only been around him once in our adult life. I endured that depression several times and knew some one had passed and I was correct. My adult life I have seen a lot of people dead and die have held many hands as they left this world. My question is could I have a sixth sense of sorts? Maybe in tune with some part of my life that has caused these events?. These are only a few stories. My daughter was 4 or 5 when I asked she and my son if they wanted to go with me as my biological mother was dying. My daughter looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked me if a person she called by name was going to be there. She said my cousins name she had never met nor I had ever spoke of to her. He died years prior before she was born.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-19)
Your child is right certain close people that are decreased can and do attend deaths and births. You need to keep an eye on that one.

If you have asked yourself what can you do? You may wish to ask if you should work in a Hospice? It takes a certain kind of individual. People who are not built for the Hospice work have a difficult time.
When we sit with some one dying. We stand between life and death. That is why some people run away.

With family we feel the spiritual bond being torn so the sadness is the feeling of loss and grief. How long before you felt normal when family cross over?

It is a psychic sense.

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