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Am I A Psychic And What Is My Main Power If I Am?


I am here because I need some answers.

Before I tell you what happened to me, I must tell you how it all started.

Since 2013 I became interested in paranormal/supernatural things like magic,ghosts,witchcraft,spells etc.

I read books and articles about these subjects and I did a lot of researching.

I must tell you that I did not use an ouija board, I didn't cast spells and I didn't invocate demons (oh,sorry,I invocate at school Charlie Charlie thing but I don't think it haunts me or something) I am not pretending to be a witch nor I play with dangerous things, I just believe in it and all.

Now I probably have to explain what happened to me since last year, because in 2015 all went very intense.

Since 2015 I experienced deja vu quite often.

I can't sleep at night because I am afraid of the dark.That's because I can sense a presence in my room.

I see shadows everywhere in the room at night. I cann't tell if it is a bad or good spirit.

All I know it's that I feel watched. I should mention my twin sister died after 2 days after our born. I can't be sure if it's her or someone else watching me.

Often,when I think of her I could feel her presence or see a light shadow near me. And is annoying that I am not sure who is always with me.

Two days ago, for example, in the evening, I could feel the presence behind me. I turned back and it was nothing. Just before I turned back, I felt a cold shiver spreading in my entire body.

I must tell that nothing bad happened yet, besides the nightmares, no objects moved on their own or floating, no poltergeist, no faces in te mirror.

I just know something it's in the house, but no one can feel it but me.

What do you think it's the presence?

So,lately,besides deja vu, I experienced dreams that came true, but rarely.

I sometimes know how a person I come in contact with, really feels, I know what my friends are about to say and I can tell the exact thing at the exact time they say it.

I also can sense when a family member fall on the ground.

Example: This winter, one day,, my mom fell but she didn't tell me anything. She was at work.

When she came home, it was around 10 pm.

I asked her: "Today,when you arrived at work, you fell on the glazed frost (you know, the snow froze and...yeah...) didn't you? "

She was surprised and asked how did I know.

I reminded her that the previous day I told her to be careful because she will fall.

So, that is not the end. I have so much to tell you...

I often could tell who is calling me unexpected, if my day will be good or not.

How all this work?

I close my eyes and I see objects,colours,faces,even actions, but just for a few second, from 5-6 sec to 15 sec maximum.

I dream about all kind of things,places,persons I know or I don't,or myself.

I have some dreams that lasts for 1-2 minutes about everything to cemeteries (graveyard) to a room or a dog.

Most of the time I don't remember them. I should keep a dream diary.

Yesterday,I experienced something that never happened before.

I was leaning in my bed when I felt some kind of electic vibes in my fingers. It felt amazing.Then,all day I felt shivers/chills/thrills I don't know what they are, but the weren't cold. I can't descrive the feeling, but it felt good. Like when you wear clothing two or three days or maybe just once, and when you undress it happens that kind of energy, they electifies and you feel that. You know what I am talking about,no?

I also heard my name called by voices, sometimes in my head, sometimes in reality but I never answer.

This is the most interesting part of this post.

Last night, I was so desperately trying to fall asleep but I couldn't.

I wake up at about 04:00 if I remember good (I am not sure, but it doesn't really matter the time). I saw shadows as always, but a specific one caught my attention.

It was human shaped, with black eyes and hair, wearing a simple long white dress like when you dress when you are at the hospital.

The thing is that whenever I close my eyes (or with open eyes) I could see her.

Even when I am dreaming.

She never talked to me (I don't remember talking to me), but her image is popping in my mind.

She looks like a character of a horror movie, you know, with hair all over her face, but I only saw her with her hair like so once or twice, at the beginning of seeing her.

I kind of know she is not evil, I am no longer afraid of her when I see her, because in the beggining I was.

She never smile or scare me with her face. She just stares at me.

So,I saw her and I immediately turn on the lights and it dissapeared. (yeah,it scared me because... It was near me, what the heck, I bet you would be scared too)

I saw a demonic face, but it happenes all the time. Just a demonic face starring at me for 2 seconds.

I prayed.

Then,I saw a light bubble.

I think it was an orb.

I visualised it growing and it grew.

Then I saw an angel with blue eyes and golden hair, just for a few seconds, then I saw Jesus.

Then a voice told me "YOU ARE SAFE" and the voice kept repeating this sentence in my mind a few seconds.

I opened then closed my eyes and I saw an orb again. I wanted to make the orb bigger, so I concentrated and it grew.Then,I entered it.

I felt safer than ever.

Oh, I forgot! Before the incident and after it I felt like I was floating.

I visualised my body levitating on my body if you understand me. But I could move my "real body".

It was like a strange astral projection. It was a feeling of relief, I felt relaxed.

So,now the questions!

1.What do you think of my story? It's all real, please believe me. Why would I tell a fake story? Really,we're not on facebook. This is a psychic-experiences site so... It might look unreal but is it.

2.What do you think is the presence I always feel? My sister, a devil or a good one?

3.Do you think I am a psychic? Should I continue working on " my powers? "

4.What type of psychic do you think I am?

5.What's up with the demonic faces? I have a feeling that devil is trying to scare me and to not use my abilities.

6.But with the dream I had? I think my sister wanted to help me.

7.The black-haired girl? What is that?

I feel like she is my sister. But she appear as that girl because she is not allowed to appear as an angel or because God don't want me to suffer. Because if I see her real appearance...yeah,I never saw her so it would hurt me.

8.What should I do next?


PLEASE,help me and give me advice because I need it.

Thank you for your time!

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CMTP (2 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-17)
You're definitely psychic! And I sense that you are a medium. I feel your main ability is Clairvoyance as you see visions and it is easy for you to visualize spirits. Meditation and listening up to your spiritual guides will help you to expand your gift.
Oh!I almost forgot... I have a feeling that another presence you could feel might be your spiritual guides.
I hope it helped you!

jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
Hey lightguide,

Did you just mention charlie charlie? Thing with the modern society is everyone just takes everything as fun, not thinking about consequences. People don't believe in God, but believe in demons.
When it comes to the presence around i'm sure it's a nightmare demon and there could be yet another demon just to give you this uneasy feeling you've been experiencing. That's a very common tactic to give you more stress and negativity which they can feed off and gain more power.
I'd suggest to cleanse, shield and make energy orbs for self defense to keep off the unwanted spirits and energies. If anything, just tell me and i'll give you more information on how to defend yourself.

Alexandria980 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-13)
You are definitely a psychic! I would read as much information as I can on psychics and meditate.
lightguide (guest)
8 years ago (2016-02-24)
Hi Boson!
I visualised a light bubble that kept growing because I wanted to enter it, (I did so) when that happened, and I continued to feel the spirit.So,it means it's a good spirit. Thank you for your response! 😊 😊 😊
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-22)
Hi lightguide,

When you meditate to communicate with a spirit, always follow the good practice to protect yourself first. There are may ways to do that and find the way that you like the most. I personally prefer the visualization of a bubble. It's probably the easiest type of protection and it's still as strong as any other methods of spiritual protection.

You said that you cannot distinguish between a good and a bad spirit. This is exactly how you will know. Because a bad spirit cannot reach you if you are in the protection of a white bubble (or any other technique you use). So once you have setup your protection you will know that if you sense a spiritual presence near you it can only be of the good kind.

I hope that helps a little.

lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-22)
Dear lightguide
First, you are a medium! Everybody is a medium! Why? Because everybody has more or less perceptions/senses, some people has much more ostensive "abilities" than others do, but everybody has some!
What you are doing right now is calling loudly "come play with me" what sort of spirits will attend to your call? Serious ones, bad ones, playful ones... You have to use your mediumship for the good, not for amusement.
All your answers are in these 2 books for a start:
The Spirits' Book and The Mediuns' Book both by Allan Kardec, for sure these 2 books you will find in your language too, but have to dig...
If need some help you can email me for more details: leonn [at]
Good study!
lightguide (guest)
8 years ago (2016-02-20)
AinaniKitty Thank you for your advice! I will start meditating. One more question: How can I know when I am talking to my spirit guide? A lot of people say that the spirit guides are just evil entities that pretend to be helping you for some reason or that the evil ones pretend to be your spirit guide.
So,let's say that's not true. How can I know I am not speaking to somebody than my spirit guide? You know... That I am not lied by devil or just by a tricky or playful spirit.
😊 Thank you in advance:*
AinaniKitty (guest)
8 years ago (2016-02-19)
You definitely have psychic abilities, I would say start meditating and just listen. Don't give up <3

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