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Telepathy, Deja Vu, And Foresight


I've been psychic since a young age, I'm realizing now, as I'm 26. My strongest senses are telepathy and empathy. I don't really enjoy the sensations of telepathy, so it's centered to communication with myself. That's a very odd sentence to both read and write. I know, "that's called talking to yourself." It really is, but in a sense where I talk to future, and past selves in a variety of ways. I used to get messages more often from myself than I do now, but I've been finding myself sending things backward, like reaching the end of a tunnel and texting what it's like here. A good example of this was when I was going through a severe bout of depression, I felt pretty awful, soul cramps is what I call it. I didn't have any reason to feel bad, or good really, when love just came and sat in my chest. It wasn't for anyone in particular, it wasn't brought on by anyone either... It just came to me, gave me a hug, and lit my eyes for a minute. I thought it was a message that I'd find love soon thereafter. I did not, it was a long time until I would even feel anything close to that, but it was never like I felt it then. That love got me through the worst depression of my life, the love that came from nowhere, and no one. A few years went by, and I let this love grow, giving it to my friends and family. I got into an accident, and lost the use of my leg for the better part of a year, leaving me bed-ridden. In that time, I found my love for music, and I felt that feeling coming from my voice paired with the guitar. I saw forwards and backwards into myself, like seeing into an infinite mirror. I knew it wasn't a love from someone I was going to get. My love of music made me feel alive, and I know now that's the love I received when I needed it, what kept me going.

I have a tendency to send myself messages tied to emotions. The way I see emotions are very visual, like colours, or geometric designs. I'm very sensitive to time in an odd way, and I'm able to tell where the messages are coming from, or where they need to go if I'm a halfway point. I don't enjoy using telepathy or empathy unless it's to send vital information to myself about people. I 100% trust my instincts about people because of this. Telepathy is awful, most people can sense when you're using it, and will try to put out negative signals. Like feeling awful or thinking harmful thoughts. My telepathy and empathy are very closely related, I have a hard time not using them to navigate the world, and most times I'm not able to shut it off. I find it intrusive and exhausting. For the most part, I try to keep them dimmed down, or short range. I can see my aura, and I've been working on keeping it closer, as well as keeping my mind's eye within my house. I find that knowing things scares people, even with my dimmed vision, I can see.

I've been able to expand what I see in a deja vu. I can dig into the memories of what stretches ahead, like stopping at different doors in a hallway, except everyone that answers is an older version of me. They give me pieces of pictures in a swirl of very beautiful colours. Every deja vu I've had since I was 19 has been a work of art with knowledge hidden in each brush stroke. When I was still bed ridden, and using crutches to get around, I fainted on my porch, and saw the events of the next three weeks unfold in my mind's eye. It was all fast forwarded, and even time coded. When I fainted I hurt my leg again. I landed on it improperly when I fell. I knew it was going to hurt for awhile, but it wasn't going to be too long, I knew it would only take two weeks for the damage to heal back to where I was. On the third week I was back to where I started. I don't know if it was the sense of deja vu the made me faint, or if it came within the moments of fainting, but I saw infinitely into myself, and felt confident in my knowledge of what would happen.

Foresight is odd for me. It comes to me in a few ways. I do get visions, but not like a small movie. It's more like watching something through a curtain, or hearing it without any form of word use. I don't like to attempt any remote viewing, it's too closely related to telepathy for me, and using foresight requires a small bit of remote viewing. At least in the way it's portayed in movies. I mean, foresight is a broad term, technically planning is a form of it. But I mean getting a full detailed vision of the future, like being overtaken by a head movie. I mean sometimes I get em, I just don't force them. I get my foresight from deja vu, dreams, and telepathy combined with empathy. I guess it's all imbued with empathy for me, I can actually see emotions, or auras/orbs. I've been working on shielding so I can focus on my gifts. I feel like I wouldn't be so scared to actually see if there weren't so many negative feelings distracting me. I can smell, taste, and feel the future most times. Sensations of things really, usually small things, things maybe I didn't mean to send back or forward. I think the most uncomfortable form of foresight I encounter comes from the dead. Not so much from the spirit world, but from those spirits that look... Not so pleasant. The lingerers, trapped souls... I guess it's kind of mean to judge by looks, but it's scary. I have mediumistic ability, I don't enjoy it, or try to encourage myself to do it. It's part of why I don't enjoy telepathy or empathy. When I'm given a message that comes in strong for someone, then I have to say it, I have to tell them. Sometimes the foresight isn't for me, and it's meant for someone, and they say the exact half of the sentence I'm given, but the message I have has the answer. It scares people. I think it happens less because I pretend I don't see them when I do. I don't ask why they're there anymore. I try to focus on the living, at least the worthy ones.

I'm not finding I have any questions really to ask regarding these topics. Mostly wondering if anyone's had similar experiences. I know most people get deja vu, but have you delved into yourself through it? Like I mean, being infinite in a moment, and being able to scan for details. It's an odd way to put it, but I'm finding it difficult to put to words. I suppose it would be different for everyone. I'd like to hear any expansions on what I've been experiencing, different angles, perspectives, similarities. I know I'm not alone in these senses, I can feel it, I can see your light burning through the darkness. One question though, before I post, have you ever gotten the solution to a problem before you had the problem? Like bam, here's some knowledge that seems useless right now, then later it's exactly the knowledge you needed for a problem you never saw coming. Synchronistic things have been happening the more I let things flow.

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Clara1703 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-23)
Hi there,

Interesting read. Can I ask are any of you able to send info to someones past timeline.

gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-07)
Hi CoffeeBlackSr,

I have the all of the gifts you have listed above, just at different degrees. The "talking to yourself in different times" came to me as a result of nonstop visions and dreams of my future. I started hearing my thoughts in the past and I could interact with myself in the past and future, and I still can. It's natural for me to do. The one thing that overwhelmed me was feeling the emotions come through from different times of a vision. I would feel nausea, coldness, panic, fear. It was chaotic and I do not wish the horror I had to live through to anyone. I am still not completely healed from it.

My theory is my gifts came out because of the crystals I had near me.

Surprisngly, crystal healing was the answer to get rid of the emotional problems I had like fear and even the slightly more physical, nausea.

So if you are curious, look up Crystal Tiger on google and see if you can get information on crystal healing to help any of your needs. Just as a warning, crystals are not all fluffy, gentle, and pretty all of the time with their effects, especially if you are resisting their changes. Relax. Breathe deeply.

I can totally send messages to my future self and my past self. I also found it funny to think of it as "telepathy" because it kind of is, but only to yourself.

I get dejavu nonstop. My visions are nonstop. Every night in my sleep I see my own future. Through that gift, I am able to hear my thoughts from different times but now you got me wondering if I am more of a telepath than I thought because I have had telepathic experiences with other people while awake and asleep... And with aliens that came to my window one night.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-07)
I think you are definitely using clair-cognizance in many of these situations, especially the ones where you feel like information is being downloaded or when you seem to get a solution to a problem before the problem even arises.

I used to get deja vu all the time. Now it just comes every now and then, but when I get it, it is strong. I've never considered doing a psychic scan during that moment to see if there is any hidden information... Actually I wouldn't really know how to do that, since most of my abilities come during meditation or while hypnagognic. I am working on trying to pull them out during waking hours though. My ego has a super strong wall, so to speak... Growing up a devout christian probably hasn't helped much in that aspect. Now I am working on marrying the two ideologies instead of fighting either one. Hopefully that will help me to open up more and break down those walls.

I think we should all talk to ourselves, and even listen for answers. I think it is sad that there is a taboo against it. Maybe you can hide it from others so that you don't stand out as a weirdo in their eyes, but I really do think it is important to have a conversation with yourself on a daily basis- especially for those out there that have no one else to talk to. From what I've heard or read, a lot of messages from spirits and spirit guides (or in your case, your future self) are delivered that way, like it sounds like you are answering yourself, but it is actually a spirit sending the message telepathically in your own voice in your head, so how would someone know if they never even try?

Can you explain the sensations of telepathy for you? Is there a certain tingling sensation or the feeling of falling backwards?

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