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Sometimes I Predict What Would Happen A Few Moments Later


I have experienced a lot of these happenings like when I predict what the next name that's going to be called out by our teacher during class.

I was in sixth grade that time and it was our Science class. Our teacher would often call us randomly to read out loud or to answer her questions, but she doesn't look at us when she calls out a name - she only looks at her class record and randomly picks a student - that means I couldn't predict it just by following her eyes.

At that time I guessed five or up to seven names correctly. I was just quietly thinking that their names would be called next and then the next thing is that our teacher calls them according to what I predicted - also it happened succeedingly.

I didn't take it seriously back then but another happening like this occured.

I'm not sure if I was twelve or thirteen at that time but I do remember that I was in seventh grade. It was a boring weekend so I decided to listen to music with my phone. I set it on shuffle mode so all of my songs didn't come out accordingly.

Just like the prediction that I did during class at sixth grade, I predicted what song would also come out next. For like the 10+ succeeding songs I guessed it all correctly.

Until now some of my predictions would come true but it's not like the prediction that I did before. Sometimes I could guess what number or letter that my friend would say when we're playing a game. Sometimes I could also predict what the next scene is going to happen or what line are they going to say next.

I do these predictions without trying or without intending to, but when I do really try to make a prediction or when I try to guess what commercial is coming out next it wouldn't come out right like when I don't really intend to predict something.

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-02)
I had a very similar experience today. Today at school we played a game where you have to guess who is the werewolf that eats everybody (characters: werewolf, Sheriff, little girl, citizen, hunter, witch) Somehow I knew who all of the werewolves were near the end of the game when nobody else could, I just knew. Also when the werewolves "kill", everyones heads are down, and without looking, I could sense or "feel" someone pointing at me to "kill" me. I was correct again. The game instead of trying to figure out who is who, for me, it was a game to improve my abilities, which I found amusing.
Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-02)
Hello miming,
Many psychics find their abilities awaken or strengthen around your age. It sounds like your experiences have been positive so far, which is terrific. Enjoy the flowing feeling when this happens and try to remember what it feels like.
Meditation can help you bring this on purposely.
It sounds to me like you're clairisentient.
Enjoy your gift,

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