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I am really bad at gym and sports. Basically anything competitive I am bad at but I have a different point of view now. Just today I was picked on a team for hand ball. Dead Last. But there were only three people on our team and six on the other. We lost three kids due to extra lessons for band. While we were playing we started to lose. The other team was the best and we were the worst. I had a strange feeling. Then I heard a voice. Touch your necklace with both hands and leave an imprint of the pattern. I listened and pressed my fingers hard to the design of the necklace. Then I touched the two fingers with indents on them together. The voice left but in it's place was a feeling. For some reason I had a feeling to go to the middle of the court. I walked to my spot and the other team dropped the ball. It rolled right towards me. I picked it up and felt weird. I wanted to beat the other team. I wanted to win, no matter what. I am a girly girl but in that second I felt like a boy. Tomboy. Everyone tried to block me. I am pretty small for an 8th grader but I always managed to either get the ball and throw it to the right person. We won the game against the best team. Normally when I press my necklace with both hands it brings my team good luck but that was the first time I pressed both fingers together and that was the first time I had been a Tomboy. Maybe physic people can have two personalities. Totally opposite. They would be the same but their actions and feelings would be different. If physic people get enough feelings or experiences like this we could help each other and solve big problems. This was definitely a physic experience. Please let me now in the comment section if you have had an experience like this.

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-02)
Yes, being psychic can make you sort of use other people's personalities. It is like knowing what will happen before they do, but instead, you use somone elses abilites. I have always sang my whole life and I am good at it too, but I have the ability to match my voice up with other people's exactly. I wouldn't think to sing or talk at their tone on my own, but sometimes I just naturally do it. Everyone has all personalities inside of them, sometimes they just are not known are there or stay quiet out of fear. Discover all sides to you, and strengthen them all. You'd be surprised at what you can do.
(not my real name but its easier that masterofelements)
dreamer01 (24 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-01)
you sound quite normal to me and you are a teenager.
It,s a time of your life that there will be many changes, some surprising and some confusing. If you have a trusted friend or better still parent then talking to them may alleviate any worry or confusion you encounter.
As for being psychic the truth is we all have that potential. Some people are more open and receptive than others. There are too many factors to mention but basic well being like what you eat, drink, think about and let into your sphere of awareness makes a big difference.
I think being genuinely gratefull for what you have and practising positive, realistic affermations or pray will help.

Good luck 😊

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