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Seeing Accidents Before They Happen


I'm not sure what to make of this and would appreciate some advice.

Since I was young I had seen many spirits, could sense energy and am a tone synesthesiast but as I grew older I lost a lot of it/ shut a lot of it out. Sometimes it'll come and go but within the past two years things have been surfacing more (since I had children). Particularly visions of accidents before they happen. I can't tell where, when or who they'll happen to. I will see the vision for a week or two before and it gets stronger right before it happens. Afterwards the visions stop.

The first one 2 years ago that was really intense was when I looked at a door or window I would get a vision in my third eye of an explosion coming through it. It would happen maybe once or twice a day and then more and more and more for about a week. Then, I heard on the news about a massive explosion in China that killed hundreds of people in a town.

More recently I kept having visions of getting t-boned in my car. It made me so anxious as I now have two young children. I kept invisioning it for about 2 weeks. It got stronger and stronger until I heard on the news of a bus that got t-boned by a semi truck - The Humbolt Broncos Accident.

After that I saw a plane that seemed to be malfunctioning and landing early. Again, it made me very anxious as my dad travels often for business. I kept seeing the plan only for about a week and then on the news I saw that a plane had to do an emergency landing because an engine blew up and one person got sucked part way out and died.

Since then I've said "ok that's enough, I'm turning this off" and any more visions I would shut out of my mind because at this point in my life with a newborn and a toddler I can't handle added anxiety. One day when I'm ready I am interested in harnessing and developing these visions.

Does anyone have any similar experiences? Any info of why I may be having these visions? Or are they just coincidence?

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Jane1986 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-18)
I am exactly like you, I have 3 kids. I just had a vision and it was horrible I also feel pain from the people in the accident. It's ruining my life, I can't work no more. Id like to talk more with you as this is getting stronger every day and I have never met anyone else who had this too

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