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Pain Before Something Bad Happens


For all of my life I have had this feeling before something bad happens. It's a pain that stabs and twist on the left side of my body and it hurts like hell. From a very young age I connected the dotes that this feeling always happens minutes to seconds before something bad happens. A few times it has happened at the time of something bad happening to someone else that I'm close to. But the pain is always right, something bad happens every time after it comes. The pain also has a scale. For example juts last weekend I got the pain when we were at a river but I was very minor so didn't think ot much of it but I got hundreds of sand fly bites all over my legs. Another tie I was sitting in class and then all over a sudden the pain hit me so bad I fell out of seat holding my side trying not to cry. Everyone thought I had gone crazy, but I learned that exactly when that when my pain hit my dog got run over. There are so many accounts of the pain that I would be here forever if I told you all of them. They happen about once every 3 weeks. Everyone thought that I was lying when I told my family about the pain but know they realise that its actually very reliable and when I tell them I have it my mum kind of flips because she trusts it so much. I don't know what it is and I want to know if anyone has every experienced anything like this. If you have please tell me because I need to know. Could be just good intuition but I don't know. It has seriously made me consider how peoples futures are made. Because of this pain I believe that people have destinies for minutes ahead like small things they do make something change in the future that is set in stone because of the small change. And once it is set in stone I get the bad luck feeling/pain. If you have something like this please comment.



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blondie777 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-28)
i feel the same, pain in the chest before something bad happens like a pressure, like a physical bad feeling. At first I thought it's just a panic attack, like an expectancy of a bad outcome as a result of bad preparation but it wasn't.

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