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The Things I've Experience Would Scare Most


I've been experiencing so many unnatural things since a teenager. I'm 38 now and it's gotten more intense. I can see, hear, and feel ghost presence, and I've been touched by them, I pick up on the energy. I've seen dark shadows even standing over my bed. None of it scare me anymore. Where I live now is ghost my family experienced a few weird things, but i'm the only one who see it I heard her talk. I wish the ghost will cross over she's annoying at times lmao. She knock things over, play with lights, touch me, put my cell phone and tv remote under the bed etc. When she do something I don't like I yell stop that shiat and she listen lol. I've seen a dark shadow standing over my bed few times. I wasn't scared but I know it wasn't the lil girl ghost that's there. I have a gift I wish I didn't. I don't talk about this often people will think i'm crazy. At times I didn't feel like myself I had a lot of anger. Ghost, shadows, feed off anger and fear. I lived with my boyfriend and when we argue I felt so much anger like never before. I had to kick him out. Family that visited me had things done to them. My brother was pushed by a ghost, my uncle was laying down and a cell phone was thrown on the side of the bed. The lock on my door was turned that lil ghost is always doing something. I've woken up and had stuff on my bed that was on the dresser before I went to sleep. She bother me when I'm sleep. I wake up and see the ghost run. I was in the kitchen one day and I felt a weird but evil energy. I know the kid ghost is not only here. Another thing When people I was close to or even knew die I see their ghost or hear them. I ignore a lot of things I see it's a bit much at times. I wanted to get some holy water and spray in every room in my house to keep the evil away.

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