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I was once extraordinarily powerful. I had well-developed abilities from the clairs, telepathy, some healing, and even some psychokinesis. That occurred in my middle school years which consists of three grade levels:6,7,8. I remember how my dreams were incredibly vivid, and there would be predictions every other day or so. One time, I even lucid dreamed three days straight! But as I left eighth grade, my last year of middle school, my abilities had diminished quite a lot at the time.

I had little time to practice my abilities despite entering Summer Break. The hot weather down here in Texas ruins my concentration most of the time, and even worse, no one in my family really believes in the paranormal or supernatural. However, I think I may have gotten my strong gifts from my mother's side who had experienced something unusual when she was a child. Also, my aunt from another country got possessed by my dead grandfather who died several days earlier so he can let us know he is doing fine.

Anyway, my freshman year of high school began with blurry dreams and poor dream recall. My skills in predicting have diminished greatly along with my visualization. I now do tactile visualization which has become a lot easier than visualization of an image. My psychokinetic power has weakened dramatically. I was once able to push a piece of foil causing it to tilt a bit without the use of my hands. Now, I can't move the psi wheel just by looking at it. It takes an effort for me to make it move. Before, a single look will cause the psi wheel to turn, mostly in semicircles going back and forth with no drafts or moving air. I have a small collection of crystals, and among them are some powerful crystals. I have a piece of moldavite, a herkimer diamond, and blue kyanite. Together, they never gave me headaches before. Now, I get a small headache until I remove them from my presence or place a grounding stone in my pocket.

Everything feels off without my abilities. I miss dreaming vividly, predicting events, hearing the voices of spirits, seeing spirits and orbs, and so on. But one day, they all started coming back somewhere in November.

It all started with a whiff of burning incense. My parents have never owned any incense in the house. The only time we are near incense is at the Buddhist temple we go to and at my cousin's grandparent's house. During Winter Break, which was several weeks ago, I just kept smelling incense to the point it actually felt like I was standing in a Buddhist temple with burning incense everywhere. This has never happened before, and I can tell it isn't parosmia. My health is in excellent condition, so it is least likely a health problem.

After that, the scent stopped, and I got these minor headaches. My abilities had suddenly started to resurface again. I got a lucid dream, made many predictions (both premonition and precognition), telepathy, and my intuition was going nuts! This made me realize that our abilities are really always there with us.

I am writing this to mainly calm people who have disappearing abilities. It is a phase, and when the time comes, your abilities will return. I am happy to answer questions whether I have answers to them or not. My abilities are still weak like the time when I started to develop them, but they are slowly growing. I am now seeing mists, orbs, and flashes of golden light in my periphery. I have never known how incomplete I am without my abilities until now.

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moonlitpath (3 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-20)
This feels reassuring. 😊 Thank you for sharing. I have lost mine when I was 16. Telepathy, telekinesis, lucid dreaming, and some other abilities. I really feel incomplete without them. Specially lucid dreaming. I used to look forward on sleeping for I can go to a world where I can be whatever I can and do whatever I want. What age did you get it back, may I ask?

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