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I Believe I Am A Psychic


Ever since I was a 3, I had the ability to communicate with spirits. My mom said I would talk to someone, upstairs in the computer room. I wasn't the type of kid to have "imaginary friends" so my mom was skeptical. One day, my name was CLEARLY written on the computer. I didn't know how to write my name I was only 3. Then, one time I was crying hysterically. My mom asked what's wrong? And I said was she yelled at me and turned into a witch (meaning whomever I was talking to) And ever since then, I never spoke to the "witch lady" again. Few years later, I was 12. I was in the mirror trying to get some blemishes off my face. And all of a sudden a lady appeared in my shower. She was like a blue mist, with Silhouetted features. I got scared. The lady then said " Its okay I will not hurt you". I yelled for my mom as soon as I saw her and she then disappeared. Soon after, a couple more years later I became 16. I now have horrible anxiety and a vocal cord dysfunction. When a ghosts appear, or I feel their presence, my vocal cords close, and its very hard for me to breathe. I know this because before I turned 16 I got a ouija board. And anytime when the board would move my vocal cord dysfunction happened. My doors open and close by themselves. Things are misplaced. I recently got a new puppy. She senses the spirits in my room. She looks at one area and barks like someone is standing there. I also found a stray dog. The stray was in my room and would be playing with tous and what not and then all of a sudden drops the toy and looks at one area. Now, I am almost 17 in June. I also predicted that my ex boyfriend would go out with these two girl... That he never associated with or anything to do with them. For some reason I could "feel" it. I predicted that MJ would die, and plenty of other things. I predict lots of things and they happen. When I'm in large groups I feel overwhelmed. I read that when In large groups, you feel the energy of others and it overwhelms you. But some reason this year, I have been predicting plenty of things and the spirits in my house have shown more paranormal activity then they have when I was 3.

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Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-05-15)

Since I was a child there were things that went strange in the night, etc. I now have learned that you have to speak against what you believe to happen if its not for the good of someone. Everything, everything, has to be mentioned for the good. Its like knowing, believing, what you say will come to pass. Always involve love when you do it, even when someone appears to be sick, say they will be better. If you put out good, put out love, you will vibrate to that level and attract the same, so the only spirit hanging around listening will enjoy what you are doing... Imagine you are the spirit listening and how happy that would make you if you heard or saw someone doing kind loving gestures. Forget the negative exists, you can change it. Peace/love/new life...joni

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