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In client consultations over the years I have discovered that some of us hold on to past lives by collecting copies of relics associated with a time period in history.

As a psychic consultant working in New Age shops I have had a chance to see and watch shoppers examine statuary and other artwork as they moved about the shop. I noticed that their persons exhibited a glow of contentment of different degrees as they moved from item to item.

I know that as we age our psychic ability matures and becomes well tuned. But then, when we die it is a thread that is left hanging. I believe that that is why we collect relics from the past. It is an effort to reconnect to the mature psychic thread we left hanging in a past life.

Once I did a reading for a client where we discovered that her fear of spiders was due to her dying in her life as a moth in the web of a spider. I could see her soul's memory as it relived the approach of the legs and the glint of light that flickered on the eyes as the menace approached, the bristle of the short coarse hairs that spun her round and round that ended with a sharp pain and everything went black.

People who play roles or have been employed doing the same work non-stop can likely be tied to a past life. Miners were the underground dwellers, either as a human, animal or insect. Deep sea divers, were of an aquatic past life world. Sky divers were of the flying world from the past. Arborists lived as trees in the time of trees.

Then, once the resource for living in that life is exhausted the soul passes on into the soul environment where it awaits a new physical life experience. Do marine mammals that 'beach' themselves break a cycle by moving their soul's journey into a new environment lifestyle? I have often wondered this.

This has left me thinking that if fears and causes that can't be tied to a source in this life is then likely connected to an event in a past life. Food for thought.:)

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-14)
Thank you for the story it's an eye opener for some people. I agree and believe subconsciously we look for items related to a time that we really enjoyed or has a significant meaning to us. Which explains why some people area attracted to certain cultures, countries, or items.

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