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Is He A Karmic Relationship Or Twin Flame


I met this guy a year ago me and him weren't friends that long before we began dating, when I talked to him on the phone I felt nervous and got butterflies in my stomach. A couple of weeks later we broke up and I was sad. Me and him where still great friends and we still liked each other until a girl lied about me and broke us apart, then they began dating and he begin spreading rumors about me, I thought me and him will make good friends because I am a leo he is a libra. I got sick and tired of the rumors and I went to a new school school. 10 days later he called and apologize about being a jerk so he asked me back out I said yeah we dated for a couple of weeks until I made a rude joke he took it as offensive and he broke up with me, I apologized but he didn't forgive me and we never talked again. A year later I still think about him and miss him. I wonder if he was my twin flame because I had a dream about him before we met and to this very day I still dream of him and I can't let him go. I heard that if twin flames aren't ready to reunite they will separate. He was my first love and I want us to be friends again next school year. I asked God and my angels if my ex and I will be friends again let me see a white feather this week if not then I will need to move on, I saw a white feather today then I also had a dream that he was ignoring me which mean you should move on with your life and stop thinking about him God is confusing me right now. My friend suggests that I call him but he probably changed his number and he probably forgot about me. Is he my karmic relationship or twin flame

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dreamer615 (12 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-19)
Thanks can you answer my other story it's about this guy I keep having a dream about I realized that this guy was a karmic relationship and I broke it
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-14)
He could be your twin flame but its not common for twin flames to be born in the same life time together. Twin flames reunite when they have learn life lessons and are on their last life.
But again you may be correct he may be your twin flame.
There is another answer.
There are times when twin flames find each other too soon or are born to close to eachother. And when these young twin flames find each other before their last life they will seperate because they are not done learning their life lessons.
Even if twin flames seperate they do reach out to each other through dreams or the astral plane.

You two very well could be twin flames but young twin flames. So its possible that it is not time for you two to be together yet.
Hope this helps and good luck you both.

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