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Twin Flame. Have I Finally Found Him?


I've never posted on something like this before. I've read tons of experiences and I've done a lot of research on different articles and have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I have some type of psychic powers that I'm just unable to explain. I could spend a day writing about all of my experiences but I'll give you a few instances: I often get deja vu, I will think of a song and it will be the next song on the radio, I will think of someone I haven't seen in a while and they'll show up out of nowhere, and I'm always able to know what word someone is going to say next when they lose track during a sentence. But that's not why I'm here.

I'm here because I think I'm going crazy and I need some type of reassurance that I'm not. This all started in March of this year, and has been a total whirl wind ever since. I'm in a relationship of four years, and for the most part, was pretty content and never had any interest in any other person. Until one day this guy came along.

Randomly I saw he liked one of my Instagram posts, usually I don't care or notice who likes my pictures but this time I did. I noticed him so much I even went on his profile and liked an old picture intentionally (something I NEVER do) to get his attention. Shortly after, he messaged me. From the moment we started talking something clicked. I felt like I was talking to a best friend. In one day I opened up to him about more than what some friends even knew. The conversations lasted day and night, I just couldn't stop talking to him. About a week into talking to him something strange happened... I had a "vision" (I have these very vivid day dreams, sometimes they come true sometimes they don't) that he was sitting next to me, holding my hand and whispering how much he loved me. I shrugged it off and thought nothing of it.

Later down the road I had another vision, I was looking up at him at our wedding and he was smiling down at me. He's in the Air Force and they have to wear certain uniforms during their weddings and I had no clue what this uniform looked like until I looked it up and it was the exact same uniform in my vision.

Long story short, I think of him night and day. My boyfriend found out and all went to hell and this guy is pretty upset over it and won't talk to me anymore. But I still get these visions of future dates we'll have and for the life of me cannot get him out of my head. It's like I KNOW 100% were going to be together. I feel crazy. I feel obsessive. Is this my twin flame? My soul mate? Or am I just crazy. Please help.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-18)
Sounds like you are getting images of this man if you get together. I get images also like that.
RFX (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-18)
You're not crazy at all. There are phases in life where people come and go. Watch this video on youtube, it explains it all. "A reason, a season, a lifetime, people come into your life for a reason."
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-18)
First take a breath and relax, you aren't crazy, maybe just overthinking/analyzing.

Twin flame connections in the same physical life time are pretty rare and when they do happen, most have less likely happy outcomes in the same physical lifetime they are reunited. (referring to the runner and chaser dynamic that happens in twin flame relationships).

To me this seems more like a soulmate connection. You have probably had several positive past lives with this guy which is why it made it easier to click with him.

Your visions could be literal in their interpretations. They could also have more to them behind the literal meaning. The visions could reflect the very hopeful love you share for each other.

I would take a break from this questioning and trying to figure out what he is to you and such for now. Give your self a few months (can be wayyy longer) to focus on yourself and bettering yourself to be the best version of you. If this guy is a soulmate, then you will both reenter each other's lives again when both you and him have experienced/cleansed more. Sometimes we just need to cleanse or experience more of our life before we can actually be ready for that intense soulmate connection.

Your feelings are valid, just remember to take a breath and to let the other things in your life take their course before you keep jumping to what's going to take course in your future:)
Zenthesecondcoming (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-18)
This may sound harsh but there is no such thing as soulmates or twinflames. You see these are just the creations of weak people to justify their obsessions and wants. More than a few times, I have heard of a person, who uses this as a reason to cheat on someone they have dated or have been married to for years. In the end it results in them destroying the real relation where there was some real love, for a sort term lust filled trip that ends in about three months. This is of course is one example, another fairly common theme is having a lustful desire for someone, if not a full blown obsession, and justifying the obsession to themselves by claiming they are just their "twinflame" and that "twinflame" does not know. These people wallow in their own misery and stock their "twinflames".


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