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Twin Flame/true Love


Let me start off by saying I thought the whole concept of "twin flame" was egotistical and ridiculous. I know, how cliche, starting off a post about twin flames claiming I never believed in them in the first place. It was just extremely strange what happened to me. Basically, I had dreams that I was subconsciously talking to this person and then I was attacked horribly on a spiritual level for TWO years. I had to get help from various lightworkers and random helpers on that plane. I have no idea what his name is or who he is or where he is. I just know I had many conversations with him subconsciously. The last dream I am aware of that I had of him, I was carrying him as we walked out the back entrance of a building with a torture chamber in it. In another dream, he was playing a table game and knocked a bunch of snakes into holes while I watched apprehensively. I was so relieved and he looked bored. It was extremely attractive. I think that he calls me his Twin Flame but to me he is my True Love. This is going to sound completely insane but somehow I also believe he made me feel guilty about being with anyone else besides him. There are really no words to describe these experiences I have had and it is unfathomable in the unique quality of the mix of sheer horror and yet divine light. I feel unsafe posting this but I don't care because I would like nothing more than to be there for this person, even if we are never together. I would love to be in his life, even if it's as a friend and just through email. If anyone has any advice at all on how I can go about finding him, I would greatly appreciate any messages. Thank you so much and good luck on all of your searches.

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