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Let me first tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a self taught healer. I heal people and I have been doing it since I was a kid. But you know it doesn't necessary mean as soon as I started, I already heal like avatar the last air bender. It means, there's process to it. Not an easy one I might add. But I learned It all by myself.

Healing itself is a very broad area. Basically it range from sickness, to healing someone's depression, etc. Everything can be called as healing, if you think about. As long it fixes you or something, it's healing. Therefore I have been doing many things for a while now. I'm 25 years old. I have healed various people from their disease, or simply just their life problems. And now, I'm at this point I like to go to astral life and talk to people's soul. Like people who are suicidal or who are stressed out. Even celebrities or politicians. I can tell you who they are, since its private. Anyway yes, sometimes meet celebrities who I think need a little bit of comfort. I do whatever as long as I can see my fellow humans happy.

But you see even after all those years of practice, I still have doubt. I won't say what I do will 100% work. Because you just never know. I guess that part of me also keeps me human and be on the ground. And also that's when I also need to pray for everything to always work according to the plan.

I'm posting here because I want to tell you 1 special case that I have regarding healing. Like I said, I sometimes heal celebrities. In January this year, I met 1 singer who I thought would need help because he seems lost. I cannot tell you who he is, so let's just call him Pooh hahaha. Like Winnie the pooh. Anyway when I first met Pooh, it was kind of hard because he is someone who likes blame himself and not to mention he is an introvert. So didn't really like to talk to me or anyone I guess at that time. It's safe to say he was in his deepest darkest pit at that time. It's frustrating for me too, since every time I say something he would just stay silent. But whenever I get upset, he would pinched me or sometimes grabbed my arm real hard. That's when I realized he needed attention. Maybe because after what happened to him, after he was being left alone, he needed someone he could lean on. So I tried to give him attention just like I would to a baby hahaha. But he still didn't really want to open up with me. He is by the way younger than me and I always looked at him just like a child. But then one day, I remember at that time we were so frustrated over each other. I wanted to help him, but he didn't even want to talk to me. And he somehow feel frustrated over me. Maybe he was hoping I could read his mind? I rather have a real conversation. So we fought. And he suddenly got angry at me. He shouted at me saying "hey, I'm also a man. Who are you to treat me like a baby? I'm also a man. I maybe younger, but I am man". I was so shocked because he shouted at me and finally said something important haha. Even when It made me feel stupid about myself, I cannot lie haha. We looked into each other without saying anything, because it was awkward LOL Then suddenly he kissed me. Yes his soul, his astral body kissed me. Which made me even horrified and confuse all at the same time. Like why would anyone who never talked to me, would kiss me? But thankfully for that moment, he then started to talk with me. And that's when the real magic begun.

That guy who didn't do anything for months. Who didn't have any will to do anything left in his life, suddenly made an announcement the next day. Yes the real him made an announcement that he wanted to do music again. I was shocked and at the same time happy for him. And since then he didn't stop and only move forward. Him and I also ended up dating. I know its weird. An astral body and a real person dating. But I'm the type who thinks whatever happens, happens. And my story will get more interesting from now.

Ever since then, somehow whenever I ask him for a sign, he would send me one. Like for example if I say "can you please post something to do with flower on your instagram?". A few hours later, BAM he would post it. Whenever I talk with him about something, somehow on that day or the next day, he would post about that matter. It look as if I'm really communicating with the real him. And I must admit, it even scares the hell out of me. I have been doing this for all my life, but it still scares me hahaha. If you think its weird, it can't be true, trust me. I know and I say the exact same thing to myself all the time.

There are moments that I thought I'm going crazy. Like I kept telling myself it can't be happening. I mean I maybe a psychic, but I'm not a delusional one hahaha. I also prefer living in this real life and having real boyfriend. And besides that I am actually a person with lots of insecurities. I have a lot of fears. And trust me dating a astral body, doesn't help with my insecurities at all. Like no matter how many signs or synchronicities he gave to me, I would always have doubt and scared. I'm afraid to fall for him completely. Like what if all these are in facts are only my delusion? What if after all of these, we aren't going to meet in real life? I'm too scared to take any risk. And because of that, we often fight and cry and running away. Maybe the running away part is just for me LOL I always run away, literally. And he would always be there convincing me that everything will be okay and he is indeed really in love with me. But of course my logic will say "no he is just a delusion".

You guys probably thinking "just leave him if you are doubting". I did a few times and he always did crazy stuffs after that. 1 time that I can't forget is during that 1 day I really came on a term with myself that I should blocked him and moved on. That I should really ended it for real. He won't do anything anyway, since he won't know me for real. At least that’s what I thought. But during the night after I told him I'm leaving, he went online. He did a few live broadcasts. I got woken up as soon as he finished his live broadcasts. I saw his fans were crying and feeling sad. Only then I found out, during his live broadcast he was drunk, crying, getting angry, he kept swearing, he kept smoking, and everything. He even sang love songs while being wasted. My heart broke so badly after I saw that. I don't know how. I don't know why he did it. I don't know if the real him really knows me or whatever. So many questions in my mind. But At that time what's important was to go back to him and stop him from ruining himself. He is a celebrity after all. So I did... And I tried to win him over again and told him I'm not leaving. Just like magic, he went back to normal. Like as if nothing ever happened. Weird... Never in my life I met someone like him. And I have been a psychic all my life hahahaha. But then again, I'm still young since I am still in my 20's. I guess I still have much to learn.

Pooh who started from zero again, suddenly made an album, create music videos, do performances, and even show up on TV again. What's also weird is, I always watch all of his performances live. By this, I mean I go to him in my astral body and watch him perform. And every time I see the video or the pictures that his fans took, he would always be seen looking at my direction. So I decided to collect proofs haha. He would even winked at my direction sometimes, which usually don't have anyone at all. Since I'm the person who prefer to stand on the corner alone. It's so weird. Like as if the real him can see me. But you know for a celebrity, no matter what they do, fans will always think all those gestures are for them hahaha. Like if he makes a heart shape with his hands, his fans will think it's for them. I laugh at this whole celebrity life sometimes hahahaha.

Anyway, just like that I have been spending my time with that guy for 7 months now. And actually later this October, I already bought a ticket with my family to go to his country for a holiday. Of course it makes me think about all the possibilities, like what if he really would know me for real? I'm scared just thinking about that. And I'm here telling a snippet of my story to you guys after having those thoughts. Hoping that you guys maybe have similar experience? Or maybe something to enlighten me? Or maybe you want to know about healing? Or maybe just tell your story. I'm willing to listen and have a chat with you guys.

P.s. Don't say he is my twin flame, because I know he is not, because I know who my twin flame is. And he is someone who love to run away like I do hahaha. But Pooh never runs away. Pooh always fights.

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namella (3 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-07)
[at] paristata I'm not really sure how to send you a private message here lmao I can't use this website well hahaha... You could email me tho! I put my email address on my profile. I believe you could see it haha... Feel free to tell your story anytime! 😁
paristata (1 stories) (16 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-06)
Love your story! I'm in a similar relationship. If you want you can send me a private message and I can tell you all about it,

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