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Ghost Of Burnt Man, In Love With Me? (part 2)


I need help with something I am experiencing. I posted about the same entity back in October.

I've had experiences with ghosts and spirits for as long as I can remember. Recieving "messages", sensing them, hearing them, sometimes even seeing them. But this is something that has never happened to me before.

I was born pyrophobic, and I also have a phobia of severe burns, because I have associated them with pain and torture. Especially until my mid teen's I had frequent dreams of violence, fire, and me (sometimes also other people) being burnt alive. As a little kid I also had a few visions of a woman and one of a man, that were badly burnt all over.

And now the ghost of a man who is burnt all over, keeps trying to contact me through various means. From appearing in dreams to actually talking to me and even making physical contact, I always ķnow when he us around, on way or another.

At first he just appeared in dreams. Then I began seeing plenty of signs in the real world. He warns me about things, mostly through blocks of thought and a loud buzzing in my ears, but sometimes also by saying just one or two words out loud. He also tries very often to make physical contact.

Recently, after coming in contact with him I got irregular heartbeat. It wouldn't stop for 3 days. It was very intense and I was really scared that something would happen to me. Also, there was a time he told me he doesn't have a heart.

I want to know if a ghost can really cause physical harm, as well as how to tell what he may really want from me, or how can I help him.

I wanted to write a few more details about my experiences with him, but the administrators discarded my story because of it last time. Anyone interested may ask in the comments.

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PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-10)
Hi Panthalassa,

From my experience I can tell you ghost can do lot of damage to ones life but it depends on what kind of ghost it is whether a good one or bad one negative ghost can appear in a black form. But I don't know why you see burnt people. I am a psychic I can see people from after life I can communicate with that guy but I need his photo to do that. Good luck. 😁
UnNatural_Tamara (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-06)
I Have Heard This At Your Ghost Stories Its Called " Ghost In Love With Me - I Need Help " Have A Look! These Seen Really Similar.

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