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A Burnt Man Is In Love With Me, I'm Worried


Before I start, this is NOT a post about dream interpretention. This is about an entity that has been communicating with me mostly through dreams, but often in real life as well. I also want to mention that I've spent a few years practicing astral projection and communication with the dead, as these were two of my natural talents since my childhood. I only stopped most of my practice once this man began appearing in my dreams more than a few times.

He first appeared in September. He is in his 30's, covered in burns on most of his body, tall, and the first time I saw him he was pale, with white irises and lacked the tip of his nose.

In the first dream he appeared, I was running away from people who want to harm me (a dream I've been seeing for as long as I can remember), and he showed up, telling me that he has seen me run from those people before. He took me to his house, saying it was safe. He offered me things to eat and drink and I refused (being offered anything in a dream is almost always considered a bad omen in my country.). He told me to at least drink some water because I looked pale, and almost forced me into drinking it. Then I went to sleep in a guest bedroom, and locked the door because I didn't trust him although he was very kind. I woke up to find the door open, and when I came out of the room, all the doors and windows were open, and he was just standing in the middle of the corridor, staring at me with a strange deep stare. And he had all of his nose and his burns looked slightly shallower. He told me we both had to go. He tried on multiple occasions to tell me he was in love with me but then

always paused and changed topic or stopped talking at all.

The more often he began appearing, the less he looked like a walking corpse. His burns remained by his skin tone went from pale to normal, his eyes turned dark green, and he is now able to make intense expressions (he could barely make expressions at first).

I also began having "dreams" of him touching me, while I was actually in a half-asleep state, and I was paralyzed. The first time it happened I got a very high fever the day after, and for some time, every time it happened I'd wake up with a foul taste in my mouth.

But he doesn't harm me in all dreams. In many dreams he appears only for a split second, or stares at me from a distance without doing anything, or every time I'm sad in real life he appears in my dream and comforts me, or even tells me about things that will happen.

A few days ago I had a dream in which he had written a book about me, details about me and my life, my fears, the things I enjoy, etc. He the appeared in front of me, and this time his burns were fresh and bleeding and his nose was missing again. He told me that "he knows I want to leave him but he'll keep trying to win me back", and offered me a bouquet of flowers that I refused. This time he looked really sad and I actually felt really bad for him.

And the night before he appeared again. I was numb once again and couldn't move, and he was standing over me, and the scene looked exactly like one I saw in the sketches in the previous dream. This time his burns were in an early healing state. The fresh scar tissue on his face looked like he wore a man of human skin, making most of his features look flat. I've never seen a face this badly disfigured in real life, and I woke up from the fear. My heart felt like it was about to burst.

If I lived alone I'd believe someone has been sneaking into my house, drugging me and whatever else he could be doing. Me, my family and my dogs have been hearing someone open the elevator outside the front door, he walks outside, then walks back in and the elevator goes back down. This has been going on for at least two months.

When I sense him around, I often hear a loud buzzing noise in my ears. I also have a clock that I never put batteries in, and it starts ticking sometimes. Sometimes I can also feel my heart beating abnormally.

For some reason I don't believe he's an evil entity, but one that is suffering and not harming me intentionally. When he doesn't harm me or scare me I feel sympathy for him and I feel I want to help him somehow. I have strong mixed feelings for him.

Any advice or your opinion on him and my experiences is appreciated. I need help with this, as I don't understand what that man represents or what he is looking for.

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Tripox21 (31 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-16)
Hello Panthalassa, the buzzing is an angels way of downloading sending information your way, often heard through one ear or both but not the same as ear ringing, have you seen sparkles around different colors? Someone touching your scalp or putting slight pressure to your chest?, angels are showing themselves as small sparkly orbs and when they are near you can feel like someone is touching your scalp with a feather or a big hug on one of your shoulders.

As you are describing this person/entity, probebly something there in the background, id say this thing is trying to connect with you, nightmares and uncomfortable dreams may be a sign that this entity is not there for your well being, seems like it wants to frighten you more than anything else, doesn't matter if its a demon or a regular spirit, we spirits can be as bad as the other ones, I think its a person and probebly got some ego issues and need to get a steady source of energy which is extreme emotions such as lust, fear, negative thoughts and so on...

Break away from even slightly trying to communicate with this, and get busy with something such as a hobbie and it will eventually move away from you, and you can ask your guardian/angel to block this entity from affecting you until you feel you are stable and balanced.

When you happen to see an angel orb that is kind of flashy and got pronounced colors such as yellow, blue, white, ask them to help you out abit until you get on your feet.

Hope this will help:)
And if you got any questions just send me a reply;)
Panthalassa (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-03)
[at] gthlvrmx Hello, I read your email and replied:) Thank you.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-03)
Hi Panthalassa,

I read your story and I am going to send you an email on the email you have listed on your account page.

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