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My Family History With Spirits: Part I


First allow me to introduce myself, My name is Shanon Beck, I am a 16 year old (Male) from Pennsylvania, United States. I am mostly here to write a series of stories of my experiences over the years, and what has shaped my understanding of the Spiritual today. This will also branch off into related experiences by my family, or friends.

What you have to understand is that my family has had major experiences with Spirits, and related phenomenon for decades, potentially generations, as my grandparents had similar experiences. I would like to describe some figures that were seen by my family before I go on further. My Grandmother specificly seen a figure constantly before she died, from what I recall she was said to die from mysterous circumstances, but my family has changed their story sense than for whatever reason. She seen a short male that wore a suite, in which he had black hair, white skin, etc. The generic businessman you would normally see around. She described as seeing this man constantly around her, while my family did not take notice of anyone like this. After she passed away my family did encounter this figure on a Elevator while leaving the Hospital, he simply said that his job was complete and wasn't seen by them again. This event will tie in with something I experiences before but tend not to share with my family for many reasons.

The Second event of theirs I would like to describe is the time they used the Ouija Board, they used this multiple times, the first time they met a "Serial Killer" that claimed he was to reincarnate as her son, in which my Mother was pregnant with my oldest brother at the time, he describes his buriel place, in which they did go to this location and found a fawed area in the middle of winter, where the snow was melted, and the ground was soft while rest of It was really hard. They did not dig It up as they told the Spirit they would, In all honestly I would of. I would also like to describe that last instance that they used the Ouija Board, I don't fully believe this experience due to the figures involved, as the Spirit they contacted told them that he was "God", I don't believe this of course, as He/She/It simply answered a couple of question, most of which I do not know. And told them to burn the board and not to use It again.

There is many more experiences that they have describes, but I would like to get to my personal experiences right now, At the house they experiences these I did not have too many experiences as I was only about three years old whenever we moved away, the most I experiences there was normally just hearing my name being called quite a lot. Gladly I have strong memory and remember a drastic amount of things from that time. But now I will skip to when I was about 5 years old in another house, across the country. This house had a major amount of experiences taken place out, which included hand prints appearing on the windows that no one could get to, knocks, etc. But this specific time I have drilled in my head. I woke up and looked outside the window as I was compelled to, I seen a dark figure walking towards me, in which I fell unconcious once It reached the window, I woke up again to find my family barricaded in my room claiming that someone was attempting to break in.

Allow me to jump to when I was about Eight years old as the experiences between this time were not really directly involved in anything major, I moved back the Pennsylvania at this point in another house, the one I am currently in. I was walking into the Kitchen where the basement door is located, really loud bangs started to happen on the Basement, what I don't understand is how my family did not hear this as they were in the other room. I opened It because I thought it was my older brother that accidently locked himself down their, but when I opened It I seen a tall Women about 14-16 years old, she had Red hair, White Skin, and had blood dripping down her arms. I did not see what her eyes looked like. I simply slammed the door and ran.:)

Ever sense there has been knocking on the door, but no one has every seen this girl, I wish to see her again but have not been able to get to the door in time. Ever sense this experience I could see energy, and was actively manipulating it without knowing what It was. I should also note that we often heard "Stairway to Heaven" being played in the basement, I'm going to end the Part I of my story here, Next part will delve into whenever I first learned about Energy, I would like anyone's opinion about the events I highlighted here, but keep in mind there were many more during this period but I did not talk about them.

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