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Love Connection Or Just? Help Me


I get telepathy with people. Like I know what they're going to say, my thoughts always end up influencing the people around me and they end up saying whatever has been running through my consciousness stream or vice versa. Pre cog dreams that take between weeks and months to manifest. Is weird. Also I have healing hands as well, get empathetic body pains whenever people around me are hurting physically or emotionally. I sense/ see energy but I was so terrified the first time I heard spirit voices I think I like blocked that receptive part of me off, it hasn't really happened since. Automatic writing too. This all happened when I turned 16

But that's not the important bit. Basically I saw this guy on the internet in late 2014, not really my usual type but we kind of hit it off. I don't remember when or at what stage I fell for him but I did. Easy convos, good intellectual understandings and things. I'm not sure how astrological y'all guys are but he's fire sign I'm water sign and they don't really mix. He used to irritate me a lot and vice versa like he was so different but felt so familiar but we still spoke all the time. We have like some 11 hour time gap between us as well so its always his day my night or the reverse. This guy used to astral project and get sleep paralysis and stuff.

Long story short I don't know how or why but I started feeling for him so much. I just wanted him like nobody id ever wanted before with this intensity i'd never felt before. I used to fall asleep imagining he was there next to me, holding me. The fact he was across the world really didn't help. But I needed to have him. I kept telling myself come 2017/2018 I'm going to be with him just y'know, future fantasies that I was so certain would happen. I was 14 at the time, he was 16. I didn't realise how into me he was, it always seemed to me that I was the one head over heels for him. I had my first vision, just laying in bed one night and I saw these two silhouettes dancing and running and playing, disappearing changing form and reappearing it was like a movie scene, they were children but it was definitely us. First time i've had a vision like that.

And well, I'm not sure when or why, we had a lot of silly fights but after this particular one, we just stopped speaking to each other for the longest time and I was all sorts of depressed and crazy and missing him so much. I'd only known him for like 3 or 4 months by then too. To sum it up we never really recovered after that argument and those weeks of silence. Yet I was so desperate to have him speak to me, to have his attention. For him to like me that I got involved in some black magic/thing, but when we did start speaking again, after I gave in and messaged him first. I felt like he'd moved on and like I was just hurting myself so I blocked him in 2015 and tried not to look back. The other two guys I liked after him both had a variant of his name. Like all 3 of them have names that sound similar.

Im not proud of what I done or how weak insecure I was but it shaped my life now. He's the only guy I've ever really fallen heart over heels for. AND WE'VE NEVER MET.

It was at a moment in 2017 where I was fed up of love and specifically asking the universe to bring me my soulmate, the person I was meant to be with. About 5 days or less later, he calls me up out of the blue. Saying he'd come out of a 9 month relationship with a girl he'd been completely in love with. They had a psychic telepathic tie, and a spiritually intense thing. But she was born on the same date/ year as me, the same mix (I'm mixed race) similar family upbringing, same trauma stories, similar personality and hobbies and even looks like me.

He told me that he'd really been into me before, and was really hurt when I'd blocked him out of the blue. I was so overjoyed to have him back in my life it surprised me how overwhelmed with emotion I was. It had taken me all of 2015 to get over him and get him off my mind. We started speaking again and it was like nothing had changed, the conversations flowed so naturally it felt like he'd been gone a minute. His appearance in my life literally changed my whole vibe and I don't know why the attraction vibes are so strong like it effects the people around us. When he started speaking to me again more females flocked to him and I was suddenly approached by a lot more guys than I was used to.

Like my whole body will contort and I'm filled with the deepest yearning inside of me, just by his words, nothing particularly explicit, just by knowing how he wants me the way I want him. Like my soul already knows what his touch is like and misses it. I just miss him a lot and I haven't even met him before. He says he longs to be with me, in my presence, to give me love.

Lets not go into the dreams though there have been many intensely lucid, but I will say this one dream I had about him, when I woke up and told him what was in my dream it turned out to be exactly what he'd been doing right while I was asleep. Oh yeah, this is why I started asking all this. I felt this guy like stronger than anyone even though he's the farthest. When he spoke to me I could just feel how heartbroken he was over his ex lover. Like even when I would be all in love and elated over him and stuff, this deep sadness would come over me and a pain would suddenly come into my heart centre, and I just knew it was his. I no longer feel his pain now but I don't know if its because he's actually moved on. Is she on my mind because she's on his? He didn't even remember my name when he came back.

I could feel it when he was about to message me, he'd message me when I was just thinking about him. I knew when he'd just opened my messages too. But that happens to me with most people so I don't know if that even means anything. Could feel the mood of the messages from miles away, could feel the mood change. I've never known someone who can just see through me like he does.

But yeah, we were speaking one time and he told me he was feeling strange then disappeared from the chat. So I asked myself, tell me what's wrong with him and my whole head and right ear started vibrating and tingling before this voice in my head said 'just listen to him'. He messages me 2m later saying he felt this presence around him and that there is ringing in his head. We tend to kind of go through interests at the same time too just random stuff like most recently I was randomly taken up with tattoo designs and had been drawing some and then he messaged me a day telling me like later he's going to get a tat done and showing me designs.

I don't know, there's been so many synchronicities I honestly can't remember them all. But why how what who where? We speak with passion, I can't stop the flow of love in my heart and it scares me when he tells me he cares for me and that I mean something to him too because I don't know if I should believe it or not. His actions and words have such a damn effect on me, I don't know why his essence just makes me so happy when I've never met him before.

Now he says he's coming to see me in 2018, just like I kept telling myself he would in 2014. I'm not sure what to think about it all. Is it even possible

Sorry for bad grammar and slang, thanks for reading <3

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AlwaysLearning (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-24)
Hi Seraphina, I hope that you are doing well today. I am responding to your post regarding 'possible love connection or just? Help me.'
First let me say that you are to be commended for recognizing your abilities and working with them. Please remember to do grounding exercises, meditation, prayer, and intention that all that you ask and experience is safe, and for your highest and greatest good. Surround yourself with bright white and gold angelic light for protection, and make your intention to communicate only with those higher spirits who will guide and protect you along your path.
This does not include black magic, as distinguished from white wiccan, which is not the same thing. The entities and energy attracted with black magic are not for your highest and greatest good, there is an agenda attached to this practice that is only for the good of the lower energies and they don't care about you. So my last pitch on staying away from it!
Also be aware that 'it gets better' with age is not a saying, it is a truth. You will come into your abilities with the help of protection practices and the guidance of higher energies, such as your higher self, your guides, and the universal energy. Your hard work learning to meditate and center, practice good judgement, and make the right decisions for all, not just selfish decisions that may not be fair. You will learn not to cheat yourself by giving into others totally, and you will develop the character to handle your gifts as you develop them.
And yes, love is real. And this 'soul mate' idea, well it is partially correct in the public definition of 'are we meant to be together'. The understanding that I have gained is that we have those we have known before, and we have more than one choice for romantic partners, marriage partners and friends. Sometimes, this person we are so attracted to is not good for us. Sometimes, we are not good for them. And an attraction may indicate a previous agreement to meet once we are here, but it may not mean marriage and living happily ever after. It may be that a week, a month, 1 year, 10 years, a lifetime. But always when we meet, we can choose not to pursue any further contact or a relationship.
If we do pursue the relationship, either as an acquaintance, a good friend, a romantic partner, or a business partner, we get to choose the type. And sometimes there is old business. For example, say you had hurt your partner in a previous time. This time you meet the other partner has the choice: forgive, or not. You do NOT need to allow them to hurt you! That is not what Karma is about! You also have a choice: forgive yourself for that last offense, or not. If you choose to forgive yourself, and do your best to make or offer assistance to this person, and leave, your karma in this instance will be clear. BUT, get away from them if they pose a danger or threaten you! Keep up your good work and stay safe!

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