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I had a really hard last 6 years health-wise. Every time I seemed to recover from 1 problem, something else started. Starting in 2012-3, I was unable to walk more than 1 block after being athletic most of my life. (at age 35) There has been some conflict since 2012 going on in my family over my deceased grandfather's apartment. One of the people involved in this fight is into black magic, etc. Which I used to not believe in. I went to almost 13 doctors and there was no medical evidence or diagnosis. I got a dog and started physical therapy. After having to walk the dog everyday and being more aware of my posture at desks, etc, I am now able to walk a mile or exercise for 1/3 an hour. Nowhere near what I used to do, but getting there. As I recovered from that, I hurt my ankle and again was unable to walk for almost 3 months. During these years, I gained 40 pounds.

Then in August 2017, I was finally ok leg-wise again. I called a friend who was visiting town. She had a grudge against many people in our circle of friends, but more brought on by something she had done. She is very into mysticism. As the phone rang, I heard her voice say before she picked up the phone, "___ (My name) ___ is the Devil." This threw me off. That night, I met her at a party. The next day, I got really ill and ended up in the hospital with stomach pain. Again, lots of testing and doctors but no medical diagnosis. I have been unable to eat properly since then. (almost 7 months) Last week, I had really bad stomach pain all week. I could only eat bland vegetable soups. Then on Thursday, I ran into her again and told her about all this. She said, "Maybe it will suddenly go away." The next day, I had a terrible migraine for 4 hours. As of the next day, I was able to eat many things without any or much stomach pain. So is it possible that this person/friend accidentally cursed my health?

How do I protect myself from people like this?

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pm3000 (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-25)
Thanks! Yes one group of bad energy, I cut off for almost 5 years. The other person, I may have to work with. So let's see.
AlwaysLearning (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-24)
Hi PM3000,
I am responding to your post 'Psychic-caused Illnesses'.
Let's just say that a lot of people during the ages have believed in psychic caused illnesses and curses.
However, ALWAYS see your medical practitioner for any illness.
But I would cover all of the bases if I were you.
1) stay away from this 'friend'. You want to 'disconnect' from her energy. This means: do not respond to phone calls, do not respond to texts, do not reply on Facebook, do not speak in public, do not shake hands, etc.
Do this for 30 days and see how you feel.
2) Daily, imagine a bright white light coming into your body that is healing you all over and all inside.
3) create a mirror of protection with this energy that will SEND BACK any thoughts and energy directed at you THREE-FOLD.
4) Use this energy daily to heal and protect yourself.
Let us know how it goes!

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