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Overwhelmed Caused By Absorbing Others' Hidden Emotions


I am 25 y.o this year, I having this problem of absorbing others emotional since young age, for example, I got backache and headache, feel gassy in the stomach whenever I stuck in crowded places like shopping mall, casino, etc. Also, when I went out with a friend who he has problem with him, after listening to his problems, I got home exhausted and almost fall sick. Another significant case is I was in the same room with a heart broken girl, even though she looks happy and cheerful but I felt so much sad. Friends and family love hanging out with me as they said I always have good energy with me but in fact I felt drained spending time with some of the people, most of them are so open up to me, even if I do not want them to.

I came from a healthy family background, so I think my energies are pure and positive, but I just don't know the way to maintain and keep it with myself, as when I hang out with low energy people, I feel I exchange my energy with them, I took away their negative one, they took away mine. It just so frustrated.

And recently I just realize my situation got worse when I think I fall in love for someone, when comes to love, it sure involve more different kind of emotions, I might thought I am overly thinking but whenever I was near to this man, I just turned out to be not myself, and cried so often, at first I thought it was me myself who being overly obsessed with him, but the fact is, he isn't in the same country of mine, so when I finally got back to my own country, my mood turn back to normal, so I guess I can say most of my negative energies are came from him... Additional information, he is an emotional broken man, he seem friendly with everyone but the fact is he is distancing himself from getting close with people. I know my problem of absorbing others energy, so I used to avoid negative people all the time but this time I know I got myself into a real mess that I can't leave him aside, he is the only person that I ever feel that I know him before, and he did asked the same thing, whether he ever met me before, why is the reason I look so familiar to him, for now we aren't lover, but I just have the feeling that I can't leave him aside, I can't stop myself caring for him, when I look at him, I have to hold my tears, I have no idea the tears re from me, or from him. His hidden emotions are all flowing towards me, or maybe I imagine myself. I wandering is it something to do with my past lives?

If this is really what he hides beneath him, I want to help but for now I can't really help myself out, my emotional changes so fast and got affected so easily.

Sometimes I would think that I being over think or being dramatic or having too much imagination with me that brings out all these emotional about others. I'm getting confused that I can't differentiate thoughts and feelings anymore, it might turn out to be me thinking too much that create the emotional. Why am I being so weird and strange? I also have dreams about something that turns out to be true. Ever since meeting this man, I feel like my ability being awaken, I really wish to know what can I do to enhance about this or at least not losing my true self... I am getting confused with my own feelings and feelings from other people.

I really need help!

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teefay (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-25)
Of course! I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email. I think my email address should be visible. If not, it is teefay01 [at] Take care! 😁
imvienne (guest)
10 years ago (2013-04-25)
To: teefay

Thank you for your long paragraphs! I really apprectiate that, would you mind if I email you when I have question or experience to share?
teefay (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-24)
Hello imvienne, you wrote: "Thank you:D may I know how you convert those negative energy to positive one? With crystal as well? Or you have it another way?"

I don't know if we can choose how to do these things. From my experience (but I am not an expert) some people are just naturally an empath (take negative energy), others are a psychic vampire (they take other people's positive energy), some people are transmutors (take negative and give back positive energy) and I think some people are like an energy generator where they give a lot of positive energy but they don't take anything negative. I'm not sure if we can change what kind of person we are.

I use crystals to help manage my natural state. So I don't use them to convert negative to positive, but I use them to remove other people's negative energy from my body, and also to help re-charge my own energy which I gave away to somebody else, kind of like a battery.

But the part where I replace the energy from negative to positive happens inside me. I think it's more accurate to say that I take their negative energy (and store it, without causing any harm to myself) and I give them my positive energy. There is no bad side effect to holding their negative energy inside me. It becomes "neutral", but I don't like to think that I am storing it, so I use crystals to remove it.

I don't know how we do these things, but that's the experience. Some people are "high energy" or "high vibration" (same as some crystals) and some people like to be near them because they feel more happy.

But some people think the energy is too strong and they feel "overwhelmed". I've had both reactions from people. When people are sad or depressed, normally they want to be near to me because their energy is so low and negative, and after some time they feel better. Also when people are very angry they like to be near to me, because I will absorb their anger (and it will not harm me) and then I return peace and calm. But, like I said, I feel tired and I need to "re-charge".

I hope that I was able to give you a clear answer!:-) If you want to increase your positive energy to give back to other people, then you could try learning about energy and how to have more control over that. We can all learn how to control our energy in different ways. Crystals are very helpful, and wearing a high vibration crystal will always increase your own natural vibration. Other people will start to feel that when they are near to you. But everyone is unique so you need to experiment what works for you. If you can raise your own positive vibration, you might also become a transmutor instead of an empath, if that's what you want.
imvienne (guest)
10 years ago (2013-04-23)
To: teefay

Thank you:D may I know how you convert those negative energy to positive one? With crystal as well? Or you have it another way?
teefay (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-23)
Hi there. I'm an empath too, but also a transmutor, so I take people's negative energy and convert it into positive and return it. So people come to me feeling really bad and they go away feeling positive and happy.

That's good for them, and even though their negative emotions don't make me feel bad/sad/depressed etc (since I convert it to positive energy) it is still exhausting, so I feel tired. I can actually feel that they have taken a lot of my energy.

That was a big problem for many years - feeling so tired after helping to lift somebody else's energy. Then I started learning about crystals. Learning how to create an energy shield is wonderful, and all energy work is very interesting.

Sometimes it can help to have a few crystals in your aura as well. (you can wear them as jewelry or carry them in a pocket) I started learning about crystals recently. These are some helpful ones for this kind of situation:

1. Black tourmaline. This blocks negative energy coming from others, so it's like a protective shield without having to "work at it".

2. Smoky quartz. If you hold it in your hand whenever you are feeling depressed or anxious from other people's negative energy, then the smoky quartz will absorb that negative energy out of your body. You can experiment which hands works the best for you, left or right.

3. Any "high vibration" crystal. You can find lists in Google. I like Selenite the best, but there are others. You hold it or place it on your solar plexus (stomach area) or forehead for as long as you need and it will help to give you back positive energy.

If you decide to try crystals, you need to learn how to "cleanse and charge" them. It's easy to Google. The safest method for all crystals is to leave them in moonlight over night (but not where they can get rained on), or to give them a short amount of sunshine, maybe 15 minutes. Every day is good if they are working hard to keep you feeling positive. That's my experience anyway, and it works very well for me. 😁
imvienne (guest)
10 years ago (2013-04-23)
To: Giraffe
Thanks for the advice, I would start to do research on empath protection, as I think I need it badly, I'm always reading about law of universe (law of energy) but I guess I'm just bad at protect myself from absord bad energy. Also, I would like to know as an empath do I have the ability to heal someone?

To: lilylove
Thank you for leaving me an advice, I did meditate sometimes but I'm not sure whether its the correct way, or any idea to enhance it? About the past life talk, I somehow in my room, I can suddenly hear a soul calling, so strong that could really tear off my heart, I really want to find out what's beneath the sound.

lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-22)
Most of time when we " recognize" someone we have not met before that a sign that we knew them previously in a past life. I think you two did know eachother in a past life. Have you tried meditating? Meditation is very helpful because it can help you access memories from past lives, though it may take time so have patience. Try this technique I use when my empathy gets too strong and it helps alot. Sit or stand just be comfortable, calm your mind, visualize a white or clear bubble surrounding your body and make it strong, image this bubble blocking other people emotions and only keeping yours in and just come out of the relaxation. Good luck hope this helps.
Giraffe (guest)
10 years ago (2013-04-22)
Hello there.

I think what you are referring to is being an 'Empath'. This means you can very quickly pick up on other peoples emotions and/or thoughts. Because of this, it is easy to get confused about what you are feeling at any particular moment. Have faith in your ability, and when you are feeling something negative you can get rid of the emotion by visualising white energy flowing through your body and creating a 'sheild' around you. There is a lot of information about how to protect yourself from negative emotions and thoughts on the internet. Do a google search for 'Empath protection' and you can find many useful tools to help protect your mind from negativity! Trust yourself, and don't let other people bring you down. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a gift such as yourself, and it is an ability which you can use to help others when you feel capable enough. Hope this helps. Namaste.

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