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Do I Have Some Psychic Ability?


I come from a family of physic abilities, but they all are basically the same. They can see the future through dreams, but mine is different. The dreams I have never come true. I can feel spiritual energy. By that I mean more of a demonic energy. I started to notice this when I was 8. I would often see people in black cloaks and sometimes dog like creatures that spoke to me. I always saw things at the corner of my eyes and still do. When I was around 12-13 I went to the mental hospital. I told my mom about those experiences. She thought my kid imagination was a little off. The doctors there said I have schizophrenia (I can't spell it right) But I said I hear different voices and never hear them again? They said that's nonsense. When I came back home it calmed down a bit. Then when I started meditating it all came back. I told my mom again and that's when she said my family obtains a physic ability. All my sisters have them and I am the only boy in my family who has this ability? Also when I feel a ghost or demonic spirits I have an electric feeling like those buzzer toys? But the stronger they are the higher the buzzing. I sometimes see them. Also I get de ja vu (that's how you spell it right?) I can also feel the atmosphere of a room. Emotions of a person just by there facial features. Sometimes I have the family gift and can tell an event 3 seconds before it happens. Also if I do have something what is it called? One last thing would meditation keep bringing it back. I also get this weird gut feeling too but its not a ghost energy feel kind of like a nervous feeling but I'm not nervous. Also I can tell when a death is about to happen. Get visions of death. Like how a person had died. Only seen this stuff at my old house a lot.

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Rawrponey (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-24)
Thank you guys and it makes me feel a little bit better hearing these kind words:) I appreciate it a lot.
TITANIA (2 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-23)
Hi, I am not sure if I'm psychic or not but I experienced more or less some of the stuff you have experienced. I am an asian and I'm 14 and I come from a family with no psychic abilities however, I can also naturally sense things that are going to happen a few minutes later, and in some way control the wind. But I think my ability came from my mother and because of that I have chinese royal blood. There were myths saying that royal kings in ancient china have senses of dragons or something, I'm not even sure myself. And I also saw shadows at the corner of my eye and then when I want to get a closer look it dissappeared. P.s. This all started to happen since I was 12
Giraffe (guest)
8 years ago (2013-04-22)
Hello there.

I believe what you may be sensitive to the energies which exist on other levels or dimensions of this universe. Although I have not experienced the 'men in black cloaks' and 'dog like creatures' I get the feeling that they are not helpful entities. Do not give them power over yourself. You have a human body and they do not, this makes you immensily more powerful than them. If you are afraid you can say a prayer, recite a personal mantra, or sing a song to youself. If you ignore them they will leave you alone.

Meditation is a powerful tool which raises your 'vibration'. Doing meditation so can expand your awareness to other levels of reality. It can also helps reduce negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, etc. The feelings of tingling or vibration over your body are a good thing, I think it just means you are sensitive to energies of the earth. I also experience this.

Have faith in the strength of your mind and body, and do not give into fear! You are an extremely powerful person. Have faith in yourself and in god. Don't listen to people who tell you that you are crazy, you know yourself the best. I hope this may help you. Namaste.

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