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Loss Of Ability


For as long I can remember I could read energy. It was so easy and so natural that I never considered it an ability. It was how I perceived the world. Before I trusted my 5 senses I trusted my energy reading. When I hit puberty I discovered sexual energy. It's power was addictive. I lived in it for many years without every bothering to understand it. When I left the world of sexual energy exchange I began my study of my abilities. I was a skeptic but my teacher was patient and kind. He showed me what was possible and what I had been doing naturally. I fell in love with my gift. I began to focus it and experiment with it. For a brief and shining period I could taste the energy in plants as I ran past them. I could tell if someone was a smoker from across a street by their aura. I could effect and control my partners dreams. I have never felt more authentic than I did during this period of my life. I could feel myself glowing. Sex became something so much more spiritual and empowering. I learned to exchange energy with intention. I was happy and physically strong and healthy. Two years ago I took a business trip to Atlanta. I engaged in intercourse with another couple. When the male partner entered my body I knew something was wrong. I tried to ignore my instincts for a few minutes but I couldn't. I got up abruptly, dressed and left. My own partner followed concerned about my exit. I immediately knew something was wrong. I can't explain it but I felt as if I was sapped by something evil. Nothing happened to me physically or even verbally but I knew I'd been attacked. Targeted even. I haven't been the same since. For months I lived as if I was behind a plastic wall. I couldn't feel anything at all. Even cuddling with my child was a duty I performed without the ability to experience the perfect joy it once gave me. Sex with anyone was unappealing to me. I appeared unaltered but nothing was the same. I went to a woman who identified as a witch. She gave me herbs to cleanse my body and sage to cleanse my home. She said this spirit continued to feed off me even months after the incident. What she gave me had some effect. I regained my interest in my partner and some things have returned to almost normal but it's not like it was. I still cannot breathe through my right nostril. I can't feel the trees. I still read others but with much less accuracy and a great deal of effort. I cannot effect others the way I once could. I cannot control the effect they have on me. My joints have deteriorated dramatically and I can no longer run. A strange allergy has developed when I increase my core temperature I break out in hives. I'm at a loss. I spend most days wishing I could experience life the way I once did.

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RFX (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-17)
No worries, I did my best to restore whatever was taken from you. Hopefully it helps bring you back to the point before your abilities were taken from you. 😁
lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-05)
Dear Pbarilla101

Pse find below transcript from The Medium's Book from Allan Kardec about your question in chapter XVII item 220.

You can free download this book at this link:

Loss and Suspension of Medianimity.
220. The medianimic faculty is subject to intermittence and temporary suspension, both as regards writing and all other modes of spirit-manifestation. In regard to this subject the questions addressed by us to spirits have elicited the following replies: -
1. Can the medianimic faculty be lost?
"That often happens, whatever may be the specialty of the faculty; but the interruption is more frequently of short duration, and ceases with the cause that produced it."
2. Is that cause the exhaustion of the medium's fluid?
"Whatever may be the faculty possessed by a medium he can do nothing without the sympathetic concurrence of' spirits; when he obtains nothing, it is not always his faculty that is at fault, for it often happens that spirits will not, or cannot, make use of him."
3. What are the causes that lead spirits to abandon a medium?
"Good spirits are mainly influenced, in regard to a medium, by the use he makes of his faculty. We abandon the medium who uses his faculty for frivolities, or for the furtherance of ambitious designs, or if he refuses the exercise of his faculty for the convincing of those who seek his aid, or who need to witness our manifestations in order to acquire...

Good reading!

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