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Seeing Animals And Entities That Aren't There


Since I can remember I have had experiences which is hard to explain. I used to shrug it off as just having a vivid imagination, as that is what I was told from a young age. My first experience which I am able to recall is one night when I was about 4/5 years old, I was sleeping on a mattress in my parents room, when in the middle of the night I wake up and see a monster thing which was huge and a murky brown colour with a face which was spikey around the edges (almost like a primitive blade made of rock) and red beady eyes crawling over me towards my face, I started crying and told my parents I saw the devil, I was told then about my imagination. I also heard a voice when I was 7, clear as day.

Ever since I will wake from sleep and either see snakes or spiders and I know afterwards that it can't possibly be real but during that moment it feels so real and terrifying. An example of this is one night sleeping next to my husband I wake up and see porcupine quills growing out of my husband, I know this is not possible but during that "hallucination" I believe it to be true. During the daytime I see people at times but not clearly and then I realize that I had mistaken an object for a person (but I can see a blurry face). I also get sleep paralysis at times, this is also terrifying. The most recent incidents were also waking at night and being fully aware and seeing a big red snake slithering on my husband (these images are as clear as day and look so real) the other incident I saw a man outside our window, during these episodes my husband needs to calm me down as I try to "save him" then I realize it isn't real and I sleep further.

This only recently started to bother me and I decided to see a neurologist as well as a psychiatrist, all that they could tell me after tests was that I am not losing my mind but that they would want to give me a sleeping tablet to take. They are not sure what is causing this and I feel that a sleeping tablet isn't the answer. All I am seeking is an answer as to what is happening with me.

Please could someone help me to understand what is happening?

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MissCherokee (2 stories) (20 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-15)
Could it be possible you have a spirit that is hanging around you? From what you describe you sound 'sensitive ' and I mean that in the psychic way. Open, or, well able to see things. A spirit can definitely be there, however you could be oblivious to this fact or feeling of a specific entity, meanwhile it's performing tricks on you... Unsettling ones. The deal is to figure out what parts of your gift are you, and what part is being or possibly being manipulated by a malevolent spirit. This is not to scare you, but it is a reality that us sensitives must deal with from time to time. They come upon us unaware... But make themselves known by bizarre and out of character behavior we may be experiencing off and on. We feel scared, unsure and odd. Like some thing is there watching us, waiting to engage... To power through this my advice is to live as good, sincere and honest life as you can and keep working on bettering yourself. Your spiritual side. Find out why you are keyed into this type of awareness... Study, prayer, faith, self reflection and improvement, even at the minuscule amounts. These types of things must reveal themselves for it to be settled. It takes faith to understand, other wise it is just a bunch of bizarre events with which the cause and meaning of are mysterious and unknown. You are being taught wonderful things, through terrifying means. You are open... It doesn't need to be like the latter part. Prayers to your ancestors for help and understanding. As for their help on your behalf... With respect and sincerity... Powerful things can happen...
Of course, these are things I know for myself, work.
I have been besieged before, and caught unaware too. All I can offer is my experience. I wish for you the best... MissC
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-07)
When you fall asleep there are stages. Google rem sleep Wikipedia.
You are describing, the 3rd eye chakra opens to see the mental and etheric plane to see spiders and snake. The reality is they share this space.

You are one of the few that work on the 5th plane as you describe working to help him. All this is as real as the Physical world we walk through during the day.

If you want more info just put your questions on your thread or you can email me.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-07)
Myy daughter Christina saw the same thing. Snake crawling on her. Hundreds of them. Spiders. And strange things. Bugs. Crawling all over the room. I had to pray over her a lot and I took her to doctor. But found out later she was getting possessed. I prayed over her daily. She had done some Wicca love spells and then all that happened to her. And I prayed it away.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-07)
Hi Maggie88,
I have been off this site for about 2 years and have been busy helping people in my area. Tonight after around 2 years I got a message from my inner voice telling me that I need to reactivate my account and get back on this site. My strengths are dealing with and identifying dark forces and tortured souls. I don't get into specifics with people but warn them of dangers that they might be mistakenly drawn towards. You have my sympathy with what you are going through. In the past I dealt with a woman who was being tortured by night terrors. She would wake up paralyzed wide awake and unable to scream or move. She told me she felt an unmistakable weight pushing her down and walking up her body and she could not see anything. Her husband was sleeping right next to her and was unaffected. It terrified her to no end. It got bad enough that she left the room and slept in another room of the house by herself with her cat and the door locked. She went to neuro specialists and and doctors and only got excuses. Eventually they convinced her that it was a form of a chemical imbalance and disconnect that happened in her brain when she went to sleep at night. I believe it is possible for some people to have issues like this, but it stopped when she moved from that room and that house. It never happened to her again. I asked her to try it and see if it made a difference for her. Luckily it did in her case. I had a vision that there was a cursed object in that house under her bedroom floor. I was not able to go and search for it, but I am sure I could find it if I was allowed to.
This is just one situation some one else had and I am not saying that this is yours. You state that you have had a vivid imagination for a long time. My advice to you is to do a source of self help and separate out the multiple issues by starting a journal for your dual lives. You are dealing with an inner turmoil of your own and an external one with your everyday life. Some people have a brain system where the conscious and subconscious parts of their brain try to function at the same time, and start a war with each other. You need to have a dream journal by your bed to put down your experiences right away after they happen and then close it and go back to sleep. This will help in two ways. It will help you realize that you are dreaming or not and if it is an awake or asleep experience. Some peoples dreams are so vivid that they can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
Write in your regular journal some time in the day, but never in the evening before bed.
I myself have a note book to right down images I see when I close my eyes and start to go to bed. Sometimes in that relaxed state as soon as my eyes close I get flooded with faces and images that don't make sense until later in the future. For many psychics their so to speak third eye is opened in that state just before sleep or in a trance state in between conscious and subconscious. If you are worried about a problem or issue right before bed sometimes your subconscious brain will try to solve it and cause problems.
A word of caution to anyone trying to seek images or information from beyond the veil. Some people can actually see into the other dimension and sometimes they open themselves up to being seen and followed by other things in that dimension. Some entities can take the form of our worst fears and use it to gain control over us. Some psychics start out as children and are ill equipped to deal with it. People need to deal with their children's fears and support them and comfort them in any way possible. Some fears have substance to them, such as shadow people, and minions and demons. Although children are protected from harm from Demons and minions they still could possibly see visions of scary things and their imaginations could get the best of them.
Keep us involved with your experiences and maybe we can help you make sense of them along with your doctors. Many times there are multiple issues all at once.
Just know that you are not alone in this and that you are not crazy. Many westerners do not deal with spirituality very well in our Society.
biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-06)
I'm sorry about what your seeing... It sounds very frightening

I think your making the right desision by seeking help

And if your on here seeing if your psychic... Well maybe one can have health issues of any sort and still be psychic, but I do encourage you keep seeking the help your getting

Also no judgment but sympathy... My family has many health issues including mental, so I'm quit glad your doing what you need to take care of yourself (sadly many of my family Dose dose not seek this help, equally sad many were told it was their imagination so they didn't get the help needed at such a young age)

Best wishes and luck to you ❤ 😊

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