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I am new to this site in hopes to find answers and maybe if anyone else out there shares the same experiences as I have.

I'm not sure what these "gifts" I seem to have. Began at age 12 and the older I become, the more I see. (26 now)

First; Black shadows. (person figured) When encountered, 1-5 days later a death occurs. (someone I know) the more I see, the closer that person is to me. (most seen was 3 before my baby sister passed away) Angelic or white shadows (that fly across me) signifying someone of a very great heart, whom you'd have no doubt would go to heaven passes away.

Second: Visions. Mostly in form of dream, and sometimes even awake. Apocalyptic dreams signify of major disasters (natural or terrorism) are to occur 1-5 days, disaster that makes world wide news. Sometimes I will even see what will occur. Visioned of cheating spouses/ false people. Instruction to take a certain path or to even leave the one I'm on.

3rd: A voice. Giving me instruction or info that within seconds, make since and I do obey. Example; In church, (am not religious) sitting and listening to the discussion. Very suddenly a voice no my own stating I need to give a hundred dollars. I even looked around me to make sure it wasn't someone actually talking to me. Moments later the pastor pulled a lady out from the audience and said anyone willing to give a hundred dollars to this lady will be blessed. Turns out, that woman was very much in need. The pastor was confidential about it but did find out from the friend I was invited by and who knew her. I did give as told.

4th: strong intuition. "see people" thoughts, feelings, if they are good/no good. Vision their deaths sometimes. Feeling the need and even told by the voice that I need to be the strong one. Always.

Please help, so I can understand myself better and possibly grow into it whatever gift this may be.

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Zyanya (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-23)
Thank you for the posting! Every bit of info and advice helps. Its assuring to know others share some of what I experience. Been researching online and was hard to find others but they are out there.

Indeed I also have felt the possibility of having a spirit guide. I am very grateful for the gifts and you are right, meditation is key to keep centerd and continue to grow into this path.

Thank you!:)
harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-22)
You are very lucky to have a spirit guiding you and protecting you and such. I have had that happen to me only once. It was in preschool, and it was during recess. I was shooting hoops (playing basketball) and wasn't making many of the shots. As if I knew what to do I yelled out "I can't score!" And then this woman's voice said "Keep trying!" So I did and made the shot. In both of these instances - both yours and mine - I believe we all have someone in heaven watching over us. God bless.
Giraffe (guest)
9 years ago (2013-04-22)
Hello there.

I can relate to some of your 'gifts'. I also see shadows, however mine are more of dark shapes, or dark energy. I did see 'Shadow people' oncce or twice, however it was many years ago when I was young. They are definitely negative presences. Whenever I see this negative energy I say a prayer or personal mantra, it seems to help and atleast relieve some of the stress.

I also see the white 'angelic' energy. Its a great thing! You should be thankful for your hightened awareness. One of the best things we can do as gifted people is to meditate to center our minds. It helps to discard unwanted negative emotions such as fear, stress, anger, etc. It takes time and dedication, however so don't expect immediate results.

Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed by your experiences you can ask for help from your prefered higher power. Call it god, angels, guides, or whatever. There are 'holy' beings in exsitence which will bring you help if you ask for it! Just have faith in the holiness which supports mother earth, and more importantly, in yourself!

As for the voice and visions, personally I have never experienced either of these things. They sound like very powerful gifts. Use them wisely. There is much information to be found online. My guess is that the voice may be your guide, or an entity which has evolved beyond physical reality. You are the only one who can decide whether to trust it or not.

I hope some of what I have said may help you on your path. Have a wonderful earth day, and don't lose sight of the light! Namaste

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