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Can Someone Help Me Understand What Gift I Possess?


My experiences are like Kiath from Oregon, This has been happening for 10 years that I have recognized, but I'm sure farther back, I just didn't realize it. I have many experiences, but I will mention a few. A man I know as an acquaintance had a daughter that was murdered. The story was on T.V. On Forensic Files. I was at my home telling two friends the story in detail and told them to watch the episode I recorded since we all knew the guy. I told them I had to go to the mall to pay a bill. I walked up to the store put my hand on the door and at the exact same moment so did the man I was talking about. I hadn't seen him in years and was shocked at seeing him right after I thought and talked about him so intensely. Another was when I wanted to find my boyfriend and I drove looking for him for 45 minute and said out loud, God this is ridiculous, you've shown me signs before, tell me where he is now, not a minute later and I was compelled to drive down a street and sure enough.

He was sitting there in his truck. These things don't surprise me any more since they happen frequently. Another was when I was at a ladies home I had worked for, I saw a picture of a man, just a regular photo, never knew him or saw him before, but right away I had the strong feeling he was an actor that lived in Hollywood. The man came to the home about 30 minute later and I told him what I felt and he said he was an actor living in l.A. Up in Santa Rosa looking for a house. I wish I knew what this is that I have.

Many people have seen me experience these things.

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LadyBelle (guest)
6 years ago (2018-09-27)
Hi belmira

For starters, try with these 8 Clair Senses and see which of them describe your abilities, all of them are here just in case you haven't written other types of abilities:


Each new information will lead you to another new information and that way you'll be building your knowledge and finding out more about yourself.
Ang3l (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-20)

For the boyfriend story, you have a strong "will." Most people just say things out of frustration or to just get things off of their chest, but when you say/ask for things you mean and believe it.

For the murder and Hollywood story, you have a strong intuition or are good at sensing/picking up on things. Not sure what the technical psychic term is, but you have knack for that.
AZ089 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-20)
Well, friends and I decided to spend the night at a haunted hotel, prior to going I have experienced paranormal things before since a child on and off. When I returned I felt different, was seeing things, hearing noises anywhere I was at, and felt spider webs on me when I know their wasn't any around. My mom referred to a friend who is psychic medium to find why since returning from that hotel I was experiencing what I was... The lady I met knew things about me that I never told anyone, and said I was a pretty powerful medium unbnost to me. She also told me that a spirit of criminal had attached itself to me because of over indulgences in partying. Also, ever time I get drunk or take any mind alerting substances I leave myself open to anything good or bad to use me... Well I feel like this a curse, I have tried mediatation to control it but nothing works, Iam try and not drink but that's the only way I don't feel or hear anything... Any suggestions?

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