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I Think I Caused Bad Things To Happen With My Mind


It all started when I was in elementary school. I had a teacher that I disliked a lot. I used to watch movies with witches and vampires, so I started looking up witchcraft online. I remember looking up black magic and how to curse people. I don't remember if I actually said any spells or anything but I know I didn't have a bunch of ingredients lying around. I vaguely remember thinking that I wanted my teacher to be sick so that she would be absent from school for a few days. I may have visualized it. Shortly after, that teacher became ill and was out of school for a year. I got what I wanted and we had substitute teachers. I assumed it was a coincidence, but, after that I didn't look at those sites anymore.

The second incident happened a few years ago. A guy lead me on, broke up with me, and then kept harassing me online and calling me names because I didn't want to sleep with him. I had a lot of other bad things going on in my life and I was angry. So when I found his profile on a dating site, I made a fake profile and decided to catfish him. It went so easily, I made the profile and he instantly messaged me. We talked back and forth. I told my male friend about him and how he had hurt my feelings, so he suggested some good old revenge. The ex had a nice car but he had such a bad attitude about it. He had bad road rage and he made fun of people with bad cars or no car. So I told my male friend that maybe we could scratch it or pop a tire or something. I know that this is illegal and wrong, but when I said it, I was just fantasizing about getting revenge. I didn't think we would actually do it. But then the male friend said that he would do it for me, and that he wouldn't get caught, so I decided to just go with it. I felt that he deserved revenge and I thought maybe it would make me feel good. I was used to men treating me badly. Meanwhile, I kept catfishing the ex. A few days later he messaged the fake profile all upset and said that he really wanted to take me out, but that it would have to wait because someone had wrecked his car. I asked him what happened and he said that someone had slashed his tires, scratched the car and spraypainted on it. So I messaged my male friend and said "You did it already?" and he said he didn't do it yet. The ex ended up telling the fake profile that an ex girlfriend of his confessed to wrecking the car and that she was paying for the repairs.

That could be a coincidence but it just seems strange because it all happened so fast. I wanted his car to get ruined and it suddenly did, without my friend and I getting involved. The timing of it just makes it seem like it wasn't a coincidence, but I believe my male friend was telling the truth about not doing it. Even if he did actually wreck the car and then told me he didn't, it wouldn't explain why a girl confessed to wrecking the car and paid for it. It just makes me wonder if I am capable of causing bad things to happen with my mind. Nowadays whenever something bad happens I feel kind of guilty and I start to wonder whether I wished for it or not. I have tried wishing for good things to happen, for example I wished for my mothers' health to improve and I also wished for me to win the lottery, but those two things didn't happen.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-22)
Number 1. It sounds like your male friend trashed you ex car and lied about it. Or number 2 your ex pissed someone else off and they trashed his car. I think you ex pisses people off in general so quite possibly, his car got trashed.
lendelmusic (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-09)
There are two ways to look at this, through faith/belief or through logic.
Faith/belief: All thoughts have energy and the right thought at the right time can cause other thoughts/actions to occur. Negative thoughts have more impact because there are so many more of them than others.
Logic: Teachers, especially for younger children, are constantly immersed in germs from over a hundred students daily. A guy that values his car above his relationship will have the first messed up by the second. Feeling guilty about a thought is almost as silly as feeling that eating an entire hot-dog will get a baseball player to first base. If you did cause the bad, you should have been able to cause the good. If you could not do one, you could not have done the other.

For either belief system, you actually did nothing to cause the incidents so please put your mind at ease.

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