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Out Of The Ordinary Friend Connection


Weird things have been going on lately, and I found that maybe I could find some help and advice if I shared my story here. I'm not even sure whether this means anything or not, and I don't have much knowledge on psychic ability. But this is what's been happening.

I have an online best friend of 6 years. I have always felt particularly close to them from the very start. We were A LOT alike, and could predict what the other was going to say before either of us even said it. Let's say their name is Josh. It felt like I had known or talked to them somewhere in my life already, and we messaged each other everyday.

After awhile, I was told by them that they had autism. It felt nice that they could share that with me!

Though peculiar things started happening. Almost every time I started thinking about them, they would come online at the exact moment. After a couple times, I just passed it off as pure coincidence. But after it happened a few more times, I was starting to think something else was going on. These weren't the only times weird things happened.

One day I was pretty sad about something going on in my life, and had been crying. When I log online, I get a message from Josh. I was pretty shocked at what it said, considering I had told them nothing about me being sad, and hadn't even talked to them previously that day. Their message said ''Are you ok? Just had a feeling like something was wrong.'' I was pretty shocked to say the least. How did they know? They were probably even millions of miles away from me. It wasn't the first time they did that either, a couple other times they found out something was wrong without me saying anything as well.

However, today was the breaking point where I realized these things are not at all normal or coincidental.

I haven't talked to them for over 4 months now. Pretty sure they have been on vacation for some of the time, and haven't had time to talk lately. Last night, I had a dream about them. My dream consisted of me logging online and talking to them, and me smiling. When I woke up, I remembered my dream clearly, and figured I had the dream only because I was missing them.

I went online that morning, and I really did have a feeling the whole time like maybe that was the day they would come online. Sure enough, after 4 months of NEVER seeing them online at all, their username popped up saying they were online. I was completely blown away. Maybe you could say this was a coincidence to, but I definitely can't. What are the chances I would have a dream about him the previous night, after not talking to him for that long, and then the exact day I had the dream, he comes online? I also had a message from him, so he had been on previously that morning to.

Honestly, I don't know what the heck this is about, and I have no idea why this is happening only with him.

This may not have anything to do with it at all, but I wanted to get any information I could out of the situation. I have heard people with psychic ability and people with autism are connected somehow, though maybe someone can give me more information on this? They say both have very similar abilities.

I hope someone can give me some info. Thank you very much if you can help, and thanks for taking the time to listen to my story! I really do appreciate it.

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-04)
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LightMight (1 stories) (14 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-27)

In my opinion, I don't see your experience as being weird or necessarily coincidental - I think you are both very lucky to have such a close friendship and an obviously deep connection with each other. Perhaps you two were related or knew in each other in some other lifetime or dimension, and have come together once again? It's a common misconception about many who have autism; it was once believed that people who live with autism are unable to feel or sense emotions. They too, can possess psychic abilities and experience emotions as empaths do - often it comes down to how and if they choose to express their feelings on the subject.

Here's a link below that might shine some light on the subject:

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