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Premonition Or Psychic Connection?


The date: 4th June 1992. I am the eldest of three children; I was 18 at the time. I had finished work for the day, came home and ate my dinner made by my mother. She looked tired and I offered to clean up the dishes. Afterwards, I went round to my friends house where I usually went during most evenings. This particular evening we went out for a drink. At 8pm approximately, during a conversation over a pint, the words "MUM" flashed across my mind, clear as day. I felt a change in mood as well as pain in my head. My mood continued to be somber as we walked back to my friends house after an hour at the pub, only to find my brother on the doorstep telling me Mum had been rushed to hospital. She had collapsed and remained unconscious from having a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in her brain. She died two days later after her life support was turned off. Was it a premonition or a psychic connection with my mum? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I have experienced this on numerous occasions since with other members of my family who either have died or become seriously ill. It's now 2018 and I too have suffered from a stroke in early May. The premonitions seem to have stopped. Have I lost a psychic ability? Will it return? I hope it does because despite it's "warnings", it has helped me intuitively in various situations; some with a positive outcome and some that I suppose were there to test me and to learn by my mistakes. My mother was "Mum and Dad" to my brother, sister and I; the loss is still painful after all this time.

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