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Vassalboro Maine Is Calling Me


I'm going to start this off by telling you a little bit about my town. I live in Vassalboro Maine. If you like to meditate and want to reach your inner beauty and ground yourself, this is the place to find. I am a very nature friendly, I love meditation and have the best experiences meditating down by the dam. Almost as if someone here is guiding me and answering all my questions... I have lived here most of my life minus five or six years. And I"m 22 years old now. When I was a kid I had a very over active imagination. And I would speak of things that I shouldn't know. Like walking into a friends house with no knowledge and predict that someone had died, how they died, how they are feeling. And when I said so my friends parents would tell me their great grandfather or great aunt uncle or something had died and it would be as I predicted. However I only have that part I cannot see or hear any of it, I would just feel it and be able to speak of it rather to hear things or speak to what I can't see. I get feelings about something bad about to happen and no matter what even if someone gets a little scratch or gets hit by a car. No matter the circumstance I can feel it coming. Now before I get to far into this, I want to tell you that In my town, there is a lot of good, and bad energy. It almost feels as though there's a black hole, or a portal in the middle of north Vassalboro, and I'm posting my feelings about it before I look more into it. I feel as though the energy I feel needs an explanation. Now I'm posting this today because I don't know if I'm crazy or not. But I will be back with another story about what is about to happen. I feel like I'm not welcome to where I'm about to go, but I have a feeling it's neccessary to be there. Just like when you have a friend who is hurting on the inside and you ask them what's wrong, then they say go away. You don't go away because you feel like going away will make things worse. I talked to my brother and he told me to go ask ray Breton why I feel so much energy in north Vassalboro and why I'm so drawn to the old mill agents house, and the bean factory right next to it. I'm going to ask him to invite me in to discover if I'm crazy or not. I keep thinking to myself, why do I feel blindfolded and useless? Maybe I need this, maybe I should be scared. But I will return with what is going to happen and tell what happens after. I do feel scared, and I need help understanding what's going on. I've never believed any of these psychic things and feel alone. I need to find myself or get help I just need validation that I'm not crazy...

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