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Calling Out To Indigo Children And Other Psychics


I am a 17 years old female student, studying in Asia. I can speak several of different languages, because I have moved to many different places in the world due to my father's job. I have recently started to notice my psychic powers and been recognised as an Indigo child.

I am still young, but I know for sure, that there is something I have realised that others around me haven't. I was always different, always very creative and strange. People around me seem to have noticed that as well. I spoke and thought in different perspectives - perspectives that many people have never noticed it existed before. Some people just knew I was different, and some told me that they can sense the power, or the Aura that I possess.

My mother knew that I was different, so she tried her best to 'open' and figure out what power I possessed. She prayed for me to succeed in the future, so that I can make full use of my power. She let me learn and try many different things, therefore although I am only 16, I have played the piano, violin, marimba, drum, guitar, and even had vocal training classes. Every teacher I encountered told my mother that I had musical and artistic talent, so she used to take me to many symphony concerts, art lectures, art classes when I was only 6 or 7 years old. She read me thousand of books when I was young, and bought me additional thousand of books so I could read on my own.

Another person besides my mother that truly, strongly believed I had some sort of power, was my piano teacher. She took me to see many professional pianists, and even offered me to stay with her when I had to move overseas due to my father's occupation. However, I knew that a Pianist, was not what I wanted to become. My parents got me a customised white grand piano, and found me the best piano teacher in town whenever we moved from one place to the other.

I knew I wasn't destined to become a pianist. I felt like I had a greater mission, a mission still unknown to me, a lifelong mission that I had to accomplish. I knew, inside my heart that there was something I did't understand, and that I desperately needed to find. I felt like I was lost. I didn't know where to start. I studied philosophy in school, and constantly questioned myself of the 'meaning of life - existentialism'. At school everyone seemed shallow, and so narrow minded. My friends said I was different, and I had unknown power that they were afraid of.

I was always so curious about many things, asking many questions, but as soon as I got my answer, I was always so bored. I felt so mature compared to others around me despite the fact that I was actually a year or two younger than them. But at the same time, I felt so immature and I hated myself for not being 'omniscient', or 'clairvoyant'. Some say I am arrogant, some say different. Or just mysterious.

In my teenage years, the sense of unknown mission grew bigger and bigger in me. I spoke to many people, many random people that I thought had a 'different', or 'wise' energy, and learned many things from them. I figured out that nature is the wisest teacher of all, so I went on expedition camps, to Nepal, to Tibet, and several other mountains. I gradually realized I sought wisdom. I didn't want to be smart, I wanted to be wise. I didn't want to become just another living slave to this system, or what others call it - the human 'community' or 'society'. I desperately wanted to find people with similar minds to my own, but where I currently live, in Hong Kong, people are just so BUSY. They are just so busy obeying the rules of the system. With so much worries, fear, greed, and hatred on their minds.

So I stopped looking for a 'person' among millions and millions, no, billions and billions of 'system-tied-slaves', because I thought I will find them eventually anyway. Instead, I started to spend more time to expand my consciousness, and gather food for thoughts. I started to meditate, practice astral projection, and think, just think about the meaning of life along with the good and the bad in this world. I thought about what it meant to be alive, and what it meant to 'die'. I thought of religion, I watched many movies, spoke deeply with other people about their perspectives on life, and researched about supernatural phenomenons. Ghosts, Space, the black hole, time travel, wormhole, star people, aliens, astronomy, pseudo-science, meta physics, ancient beliefs. Etc.

Then, one day, just few days before my 17th birthday, a strange thing happened to me. I suddenly 'knew' everything to my questions. I had become claircognizant. I had extreme vibrational tingling feeling to the third eye chakra, between my eyes for around four days straight. I wanted to know whether other people could sense or even feel my vibrational energy, so I met up with my best friend and asked her to place her hand close to my forehead. She immediately noticed the vibration and explained to me as an 'electrocuting' sensation, which surprised me and made me feel satisfied at the same time.

I started speaking like someone else, much wiser, and my parents were creeped out with the changes. I noticed drastic changes in my personality which some people may call a indication of 'becoming spiritually awakened', 'enlightenment', 'opening of the third eye' or 'kundalini'. I started studying spiritualism and theology out of nowhere lately, realized that I am extremely content with myself. I have never been this happy in my life. I feel filled with love, and joy! I started cleaning my whole room, tidying up the whole house, and even sweeping my room everyday, taking salt baths, filling my room with sage-scented incense. Etc. Believe it or not, I even started cooking for my family everyday, so my parents just can't help but be extremely creeped out by my drastic changes.

---- Strange Occurrences that have been happening to me

I have been suffering strange dreams, and unexplainable nose bleed (less nowadays). I have strange memory of being given the choice to choose my parents, which goes back to time before I was even born. I'm not sure what I was, maybe I was a foetus, or maybe just a spirit. There were several of 'spirits' or 'babies' (me?), and when it was my turn to be sent out to this world, I was given the option to choose who will foster me.

I told my parents about this when I was young, they laughed and ridiculed me. However, they told me that I was no doubt different from other babies. I was born through cesarean section because my head was facing up, when most babies' head face down. Other strange factor is my blood type. All my ancestors including my parents' blood types are As, but mine is an O. I found out this is impossible from normal conception when I studied hereditary genetics in my biology class. I was worried I might have been a infidelity-child, but it seems highly unlikely, as my mother has only been with one man, my father, and I guarantee she isn't the type of person to lie, hide and cheat. I just know. As a baby, I was extremely alert and awake, rarely sleeping and always so curious. My mother once became psychologically and physically unstable and had to be hospitalised because of the stress she had from having to take care of me. (oh, and I was diagnosed ADD)

As a child, I always had sinus problems although I wasn't sick, and the sinus problems aggravated especially during night time. When I would go to sleep, I almost always feared the presence of other entities, so I hid under the cover and breathed through my mouth quietly. I wanted to know more about the entities but I was also scared to be caught by them, so although I was interested in magic, spirits, entities, and aliens, I tried not to contact them until recently.

I quickly became very interested in myths and started reading books about Greek, Egyptian, African, Incan/Aztec myths, when I was around 10. Surprisingly, as if something knew I was interested in these mythical worlds, I mysteriously went on a trip with my (reluctant) mother to Egypt, Mexico, and South Africa, trip after trip. My mother never seemed to enjoy the trips nor be fascinated by the country, so I was always confused what made her decide or want to go on the trips.

(My mother had actually planned for her and I to go on a trip to Switzerland, instead of South Africa. When my mother registered a place for the two of us through a travelling agency, we received a call the next day from the agency's trip manager that we could not book the trip because of some other customer's reason. So my mother decided we would go to South Africa instead. When we returned from South Africa, we found out that there had been an accident that a train flipped over in Switzerland, and almost everyone that went on the Switzerland trip along with other tourists lost their lives... My mother and I could not believe it! Was it just pure luck? Or fate? I'm not sure if I can call this mere coincidence)


I just 'know' that I have a mission, and I just 'know' that I am an indigo child... But it seems like many other indigo children are born with fully awakened third eye, with powerful psychic abilities. But I wasn't born with them. (I've never seen or heard from spirits/other entities when I was young. I wasn't claircognizant either.) I feel like I'm changing from inside out only recently, and very quickly... Am I going to develop or unleash other abilities that I am unaware of in the near future? I desperately feel the need to reach out to people like myself, and speak to them.

Is there anyone who suddenly became claircognizant, clairvoyant, or clairaudient out of no where? Or perhaps after few days of 'awakening'?

Lots of love,

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-27)
Im an indigo I am thirteen and what you just explains happens to me I am interested in myths I just got the third eye chakra at first I only thought I was getting a lot of headaches
You should try to talk to someone telepathicly
Hope you find out what your mission is soon but don't rush it 😉
mushroomarin (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-12)
Thank you everyone!
Monge93 - Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely have a watch at all the videos, and try to get my hands on the books:)
Love1st - I have been meditating for a while now, and with no doubt, I can say that this has changed my life

Lots and lots of love + appreciation
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-10)
I believe that I got to choose whether or not I was born female or male, but it's not something that I can prove; just an idea.

I felt lost when I was a teenager, too. At first, I just wanted to be a dance teacher. Then it was a preschool teacher. Then, after trying that I knew something was missing. So I tried a few other things. And now, in my mid-late 20s I know that I want to be a doctor and healer. However, without my past experiences, I wouldn't have the wisdom to be as good of a doctor as I can be now nor would I have been as likely to meet my husband. Will I be a surgeon, or simply a preventive health/primary care physician? I'm not sure. Will I do something else in addition to medicine? Possibly business, but who knows? I try to take it a day at a time and do what feels right at the time. It is hard to understand the future, but let your intuition be your guide.

No one is simply a career. Therefore, the words "pianist" could never fully describe someone.

You have your gifts for a reason, so learn to understand and trust them. No two people are alike, so at the end of the day you have to believe in yourself and trust what your heart, mind, body, and soul tell you. Everyone could give you advice, but at the end of the day it is your life to live and you understand yourself better than anyone else.

One thing I have to practice on that I would recommend is meditation. Find a quiet space and meditate/pray. Clear your mind. Learn to just be. Learn to relax. It is easy to go-go-go in this world, but sometimes it is a good idea to step back a moment and rest.
Nicole_19 (2 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-10)
Hey sweetheart ^^ I would love to talk to you:D You might want to read my story " Guardians of a new kids generation"

My email is on my profile ^^ feel free to mail me:D
-Son-Of-Thoth-777- (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-10)
Montyd.christo [at]
I look forward to hearing from you.
mushroomarin (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-09)
Hi Son of thoth 777 😁 thanks for your post.

Yes, Id love to contact you and share experiences. Where to start? Email?

Much love,
-Son-Of-Thoth-777- (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-09)
your calling has been heard! My realization/awakening and introduction have been different but I feel the degrees of confusion and intensity. None of us are who we think we are, this earth is in direct connection with eternity and enigma. Even now there is still an infinite degree in which to know and love! Please contact me if you desire. There is much experience to compare. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Christopher, (777) ❤

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